Good times at RailsConf Europe

By David Heinemeier Hansson on September 19, 2007

It's hard to fathom that we've just finished our fourth RailsConf in just 15 months. The first one already seems so long ago, which just underlines how fast things have been moving in the Rails world.

It's even more impressive to think of all the people we've had go through the conferences. More than three thousands attendees combined and some of the most interesting speakers in technology.

This year I was especially pleased to hear Roy Fielding speak and to have the opportunity to chat with him afterwards. The past year and a half been about trying to understand and implement the ideas and the specifications that Roy has been involved with for more than a decade. It was very pleasing to hear him talk so warmly of our progress so far.

Sun continued to surprise positively (and still slightly puzzling), but I had so much to say about that, I went ahead and wrote it up separately in Sun surprises at RailsConf Europe 2007.

As I process all the inputs from the conference, I'm sure I'll have more to say. But for now I want to make sure to thank everyone involved. Ruby Central and O'Reilly did a spectacular job organizing everything. And I had a great time speaking to so many different users of Rails. The most amazing things are being done with this framework we're building.

P.S.: My keynote slides were few and almost entirely without meaning out of context, but Casper Fabricius did a good job with his summary.