The Rails Myths

By David Heinemeier Hansson on November 13, 2008

Ruby on Rails has been around for more than five years. It's only natural that the public perception of what Rails is today is going to include bits and pieces from it's own long history of how things used to be.

Many things are not how they used to be. And plenty of things are, but got spun in a way to seem like they're not by people who had either an axe to grind, a competing offering to push, or no interest in finding out.

So I thought it would be about time to set the record straight on a number of unfounded fears, uncertainties, and doubts. I'll be going through these myths one at the time and showing you exactly why they're just not true.

This is not really to convince you that you should be using Rails. Only you can make that choice. But to give you the facts so you can make your own informed decision. One that isn't founded in the many myths floating around.