A billion dollars doesn't buy much these days

By David Heinemeier Hansson on July 21, 2007

Just days after Microsoft announced spending a billion dollars on extending the Xbox 360 warranty, my own console surrended to the dreaded three flashing red lights.

Now you'd think a billion dollars would buy Microsoft some premium, grade-A service and expedition to make short order of such a widespread problem, no? Think again.

It took three separate tries to even get through on their support line. The final attempt required about an hour on the line. All that to get a paper box shipped as the return package using UPS 3-day service (unlike, say, Apple's overnight delivery).

But much worse, expected service time is 4-6 weeks! Between the attempts at calling support and shipping boxes back and forth with snail service, I'm looking at a two-month turn-around from problem to resolution. Yikes.

How am I supposed to cope with no Forza Motorsports for that along!? It's inhuman, I tell you.