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April 28, 21:47

American iTunes life

Apple debuts the much-hyped music service along with iTunes 4, but beware the letdown awaiting in the small print: The iTunes Music Store is only available in the U.S. So my VISA isn't good with Apple unless it's issued by Bank of America or Citigroup? What a jib.

To add insult to injure, I can browse the Music Store and even listen to samples, but when I want to part with the dough, it's a no go. What's worse, there's not a glimmer of hope. No "international roll-out expected soon". The Danish Apple site doesn't even mention the Music Store.

Could we at least have an explanation? Are the labels twisting your arm, Steve? Would the load be too much? Do you need to deal with taxes? Tell us some time. Anything. Hell, sugarcoat or lie if you have to. The silent treatment just doesn't fly.

UPDATE: The Register notes that a Windows version of the Music Store is promised for later this year, but no international roll-out promise was made. sigh

Challenge by Thomas Madsen-Mygdal on April 29, 17:20

Intellectual rights inside the music industry is a trip deep down the rabbit hole - into a past where globalization didn't exist.

So no wonder that Apple wasn't able to pull that one off - i see them having a very pragmatic approach. Working with the BigCo's trying to show them that there's a way to the future, yet shipping a legal product today...

Challenge by JF on April 29, 22:05

I agree. Just getting this far is quite an accomplishment. Hopefully in due time everyone will have access to this truly groundbreaking service. I hate to rub it in, but it's amazing!! ;)