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January 11, 0:09

Sony still shady on support

It's been two years since Sony lost my business for good over an unbelievably bad customer service experience. Since then I've received multiple cries of frustration from other Sony customers that went through similar ordeals. Now James Robertson chimes in with another account.

It's clear that Sony has not repent their ways. Hence, I'd like to reiterate my warning against buying their products. Their design and marketing prowess is the bait, but you'll sorely regret the switch should your buy suffer ills.

Challenge by Lars Dyrelund on February 08, 2:10

In junction with the above - the most dangerous thing you can do is to buy any Sony product in a Fona store. That's simply a hazardous cocktail!

I once recieved a phone as a present which unfortunately was useless to me and was bought in Fona - I've never accepted the gift in the first place had I known what kind of troubles waiting ahead trying to return it to the store. Fona oberviously take a pride in harassing it's costumers returning items.

The present was bought in Nęstved, which is rather far from Copenhagen - especially if your only errand is to retur the phone. And since Fona is a chain - or at least it seems fair to deduce so since all the stores bear the same name - I went to my locale Fona store. BIG MISTAKE!!! The owner insisted that since I wanted full return of my money I needed to do so in the original store - that be the one in Nęstved. What a bull!

To make things worse I've learn by looking in the phone's adressbook that about 30 or so numbers was stored in the phone - hence the phone was used, well used you might add judging by the amount of ear grease on the display and buttons.

Maybe my experience isn't an example of Fona's generel policies but I had the exact same experience in 2 stores until the third one finally gave my money in return for the phone.

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Challenge by linuxwaves on April 06, 12:51

Familiarity breeds contempt.