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June 09, 15:00

Active Record gaining on the sixth

Active Record was released just ten days ago, has so far undergone five additional revisions (adding tons of features), and has been downloaded close to two hundred times. But those are just the numbers. It's much more interesting to hear what the developers using it thinks. Thankfully quite a few of them are willing to share their impressions:

  • [Active Record] is one of the coolest and most useful modules I’ve used in any language—Daniel Hobe
  • I must stress that Active Record just plain rocks—David Nasby
  • I love Active Record, and I have even started using it yet :)—Gavin Kistner
  • I must congratulate you on the readability of your code; it took me no more than a couple of hours and I think I've got a handle on how it all works—Tim Bates
  • Having browsed through the RDocs, I’d have to say AR is the best-documented Ruby package I’ve seen. Well done!—Gavin Sinclair
  • Excellent work so far—Kevin Bullock

Thanks for the encouragement, guys! This certainly helps my motivation for making Active Record the darn best ORM package rapid application development out there.

Challenge by Venu on June 17, 20:55

Eager to see all three components. I haven't played with Active Record yet, but am curious to see how it compares to the similar Kansas framework (I know the correct answer is "go find out for yourself!"). Any takers?

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