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October 03, 15:59

RubyConf enjoyment and experiences

We're on the last day of RubyConf, but what a wonderful weekend it has been. It's been so great to finally meet everyone and put a voice, face, and handshake on so many of the names from the Ruby community.

The presentations has been great and I've especially enjoyed listening to Rich Killmer (Alph), Jim Weirich (Rake/RubyGems), and Nathaniel Tallbott (test/unit). And I'm still looking forward to Jamis Buck's presentation on Copland.

My own presentation also went fairly well. I started out a bit slow, but think I made a good comeback with the "Mantras" and "It's not just about the code" sections. Hopefully video and audio will be available shortly.

Of course, I've also had plenty of chances to talk about Rails. The reception to that here has been awesome. I've had a chance to sit down with Jim Freeze and just a little bit with David A. Black and help them get started.

Oh, yearh. And the reception to TextMate has been overwhelming as well. There's a ton of Apple users in the crowd and even the VIM'ers have been taking it in. I can't wait until we have the chance to release it publicly ever-so-shortly.

Challenge by Luc Heinrich on October 03, 16:32

"Oh, yearh. And the reception to TextMate has been overwhelming..."

Sweet creeping zombie geezus, David, can you stop this please ? Over-hyping this piece of vaporware is doing nothing more than raising my expectations everytime I see its name written somewhere.

SHIP IT ! NOW ! :)

Challenge by Noel D. Jackson on October 03, 21:29

TextMate... Everytime I open up BBEdit I just want to hurl, now that I know something out there IS better than it.

Challenge by Dominique PERETTI on October 04, 15:27

Yeah, ship it now !!! We don't even care wether it still has major-bugs-that-delete-your-files. We just want it now !!!

Challenge by Leonya on October 06, 15:27

So what about the videos? Is it available anywhere?