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October 28, 22:55

iTunes Music Store routes around Denmark

The disappointment in undeniable. Despite the rumors, despite the articles from mainstream press, despite the competition from Microsoft. Despite it all, Apple have chosen to route around Denmark and not launch the iTunes Music Store here. At least not for the foreseeable future.

Country manager for Apple Denmark, Kenneth Nielsen, says:

The countries we have chosen all have one thing in common: They're Euro countries. There won't be coming any more shops for the time being — besides Canada later in the year.

I don't know who to blame more: The people who voted against the Euro in Denmark or Apple for screwing us out of a special solution, like Great Britain got.

This is a dark, dark day for Danish Apple fans. To tease, to veil in mystery, and then not to deliver is cruel and unusual punishment to loyal subjects.

Challenge by Morten Wittrock on October 28, 23:12

It sucks, plain and simple :-(

Challenge by speedy on October 28, 23:50

please, do not make the mistake of blaming the euro, the danish kroner is solidly locked against the euro by the national bank of denmark, there is virtually no currency risks for apple to deal in DKK, also they must be paying the rights holders of the songs in DKK further limiting any risks...the danish sales tax is not to blame as well, the euro iTMS is paying sales tax in all the individual countries...

either apple does not want to introduce iTMS in denmark yet, maybe they haven't converted all the songs etc. yet, or they are yet to have completed negotiations with the danish rights holders..

please don't blame the euro or the (high) danish sales tax..

Challenge by Daniel on October 29, 1:37

Damn -- that does suck eggs.

Challenge by Marten Veldthuis on October 29, 1:53

Finally, something the Netherlands has before some other countries. But seriously, I feel for you that Denmark's still missing.

Challenge by TobiasLuetke on October 29, 18:37

What about woodenshoes, i think netherlands were first

Challenge by Morten on October 29, 20:02

Workaround: Go to foreign country with Apple store. Buy $100 gift-certificate for self. Enjoy.