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November 26, 15:02

Nokia 6630 review: Time to return to the fold

Ever since I got my Motorola A925 in the Spring, I've secretly been longing to go back to a Nokia. And when the 6630 was announced almost six months ago, I knew that was the phone that would take me back to Finnish mobile engineering. The specification read 3G, 1.3 megapixel camera, 1 hour video records, more RAM, smaller size, and lots of other goodies.

Recently, though, my longing for Nokia had grown into despise of my A925. Russel was spot on with Smart Phones Are One Handed Devices. What I wanted was a smartphone, what I had was not:

If you can't use the phone with one hand, it's not a smart phone. Got it? It's pretty simple. It's a PDA Phone or a Communicator or something. Whatever it is, it's not a smart phone. It's a relic. An elecronic organizer with an antenna. An anachronism. A soon-to-be market failure. Get the idea?

Let's go over this again: If it doesn't have a keypad? It's not a smart phone. If you have to use a pen? It's not a smart phone...

The Motorola A925 is not a smartphone. It's successor, the A1000—that I tested for the Christmas issue of the Danish 3 Magazine—is not a smart phone either. I had to learn that fact over a couple of months. When you have to stand still and use two hands to SMS or when you need either really baggy pants or a bag to carry your phone around, something is just not right.

So that's why I'm incredibly pleased to report that I'm back on the smartphone track with the brand-spanking new Nokia 6630. So what's so great about it? From a casual glance, you'd perhaps think it's pretty much the same as the 3650 I got as my first smartphone. You couldn't be more wrong and right at the same time!

Yes, it's still running S60, so the user interface is instantly familiar if you've had any other S60 device (like the 3650/60, 6600, 7610). But underneath the hood so much has changed in exactly the right direction. A short run-down of the hardware improvements:

  • Dimensions: 110x60x21mm — that's almost HALF the mass of the A925 and considerably smaller than the 3650. It'll fit in regular pants with no need for funny smiles from strangers.
  • CPU: 220mhz ARM9 / RAM: 7MB free — that's more than twice the speed of the 3650 (107mhz) and almost three times the amount of RAM available (2.7MB)! You feel the speed instantly when working with the camera or even just using the regular functions.
  • Camera: 1.23 megapixel (1280x960) with 3.7mm lens and 6x zoom — this takes much, much better pictures than both the 3650 and the A925 (on which shots were really questionable) in daylight. Evening shots are still so-so. And there's almost no lag on the shutter. Click and the picture is taken thanks to the faster CPU.
  • Stereo audio and decent headphones — it's actually possible to enjoy listening to MP3's on the phone now. I can see how the phones a generation or two away could start to chip into Apples iPod business. For now, I'm happy to carry around my iPod mini along with the phone, though.
  • 3G! — Nokias first 3G phone was an embaressment. What an awesome comeback to put thier top-of-the-line phone on the 3G network. Downloading with 20 kbs/sec is quite an experience on a phone of this power. Especially because you can use Opera with Small-Screen Rendering instead of being forced to use the watered down (read: crappy!) version bundled with the A925/1000.

All that hardware would do you nothing without great software, though. Thankfully, the S60 platform has had plenty of time to breed the best suite in the business. Here's what I got on my phone:

  • Opera: With 7MB of free RAM, the days of "out of memory" errors that plagued the 3650 are finally behind us. And finally getting Small-Screen Rendering back is so incredibly cool that browsing the web from your phone is actually a somewhat pleasant experience (3G certainly helps with that). I can't believe that Motorola/3 axed SSR from the A925/1000 version of Opera. And worse, ensured that you couldn't install the full Opera even if you wanted to. Braindead and hugely damaging to an otherwise nice set of PDA-phones.
  • Agile Messenger 3: From the "I can't believe it's free!" department comes this superb instant messaging client from Agile Mobile that goes on all the major networks (I use it for AIM and MSN). The latest version is incredibly good looking and capable of running in the background and showing notifications on the top of any other app when new messages arrive.
  • ProfiMail: Even though the email client in the 6630 has improved (with intervalled checking of mail, most importantly), this alternative from Lonely Cat is still very nice. If you do a serious amount of emailing from your phone it's definitely recommended. Russell had a nice review of it a while back as well.
  • Clicker: I use this Mac remote primarily to control the music broadcasting from my Powerbook in the home office to the stero in the living room over Airport Express. This means that you can hide your computer away for a party, but still have all your digital music at your fingertips. Very sexy. And surprisingly non-geeky too. Mary got it instantly.
  • Putty: Controlling your servers over SSH through your phone? Oh, yeah. That is quite sexy. And with the 3G connection there's virtually no lag. Runs very well and allows me to check up on the Basecamp servers away from the computer.
  • Goboy: Play all Gameboy and Gameboy Color games on your phone! You can take your J2ME games and shove 'em, I got all the games I would ever care for in the GB/C library — including the best version of Tetris ever made. And with the 7MB of RAM available, you can play even 16 MBit games like Mario Golf and Micro Machines v3 (versions 1.3 and forward doesn't currently work, you need the 1.2 version) — of course you need the original catridges to rightfully play these games (read: don't email me about pirate games).
  • Repligo: Convert PDFs and read them on your phone. I've read all of the Pragmatic Starter Kit books like this along with a bunch of Manning books. Very comfortable.

With all this glamour and gold, there had to be one drawback about the phone — and there is! From Nokia 7610 and forward, synchronization is now done through SyncML instead of the old mRouter. iSync doesn't grok SyncML yet and probably won't until Tiger (they hired a guy from Symbian to work on it, so it is getting done). So no address book or iCal synching. Sad but true.

But despite the lack of synching, I'd still like to declare the Nokia 6630 as:

Best. Phone. Ever.

It's that good. No really. It's that good!

Challenge by Guan Yang on November 26, 18:56

What would you recommend if I'm looking for a "PDA Phone"?

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on November 26, 19:01

Then the new Motorola A1000 is actually quite nice. It's basically the same package as the A925, but in a much smaller and more manageable form factor. And it's running the new Symbian, too. There's no integration with iSync in that one either, though.

Challenge by christoph on November 26, 20:01

I'd like to pick up a nokia 6630 as my next phone as well, but using my phone as a 3g-modem to get online with my ibook is extremely important to me. If i'm not mistaken you're on mac os x as well, so i wanted to ask wether you're aware of any compatible modem scripts for this phone?

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on November 26, 20:32

It's incredibly easy. In true Apple/Nokia style, it "Just Works!". And using 3G, it's pretty darn fast as well! This tutorial takes you through the simple steps:

Challenge by speedy on November 26, 20:56

but what happened to Nokia's designs?!

this looks like the 3650 with a little bit of business look to it.. the keypad is round and bulky..
why not develop on the 6600 design which was sort of acceptable... (and this phone feature-wise seems to be the 3g variant of the 6600 with a few other improvements..)

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on November 26, 21:03

I actually kinda like the design. I thought better of the 7610 look, but appreciate the key layout on the 6630 more. And how can you say "few other improvements" after reading my review?

The 6600 has the same CPU as the 3650 (107mhz), the same puny camera as the 3650, mono sound, and no 3G. I saw the 6630 improve massively upon the 6600 and in all the right places.

Surfing with 18kb/sec alone made the jump worth it. Life is really too short for 2-4kb/sec transfers.

Challenge by Moritz Petersen on November 27, 13:01

Very interesting article, thanks. One question, as you mention Clicker: does the 6630 work with iSync?? If not, it would be the only (but massive) showstopper for this phone.


Challenge by Gavin Sinclair on November 27, 15:05

No syncing with the OSX address book? Couldn't a third party do that, rather than wait for Apple? Or are the APIs hidden?

Challenge by Moritz Petersen on November 27, 16:31

I'd also like to use a 3rd party tool, but afaik it doesn't exist... :-(

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on November 27, 16:33

No iSync support before SyncML is in. Which it will be no later than Tiger. You can send individual vCards from Address Book, but it's kinda cumbersome (you have to send one at a time).

Challenge by Lars Christensen on November 29, 10:15

Great article Davd, I got myself a Nokia 6630, and love it as well - used to have a 3650 + 6600 previously, and the new Nokia is surely a major upgrade :)

Just wondering what version of Agile messenger you are using on your phone?

Great page - interesting reading :)

Best regards,


Challenge by Pelle on November 29, 13:40

Just wondering where you managed to pick up the 6630s for use with 3 in Denmark?

Are they prerelease phones, did you "grey import" them or what. Just bought my wife the LG 8120 phone and am planning to get a A1000, however if the 6630 is going to be available here in the next month or two I will wait.


Challenge by Jarkko Laine on November 29, 14:52


6630 is already on the shelves here in Finland, so I'm pretty sure you don't have to wait for long at all.

Challenge by Lars on November 29, 15:55

The 6630 is already for sale in Denmark - I bought mine here via NetGet - check the prices and pages to order from at - but 3 haven't added it yet. But the phone is able to run via a 3 sim card...

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on November 29, 18:38

I'm using Agile Messenger 3. It just came out. Smoother than ever.

And yeah, I picked it up from Teleringen on Amagerbrogade (Copenhagen). You pay through the nose as its a "no contract" phone, but I consider the purchase well worth it!

I'd think long and hard about what kind of phone you want before getting the A1000. It's a really nice PDA phone — especially if you're on Windows.

It's not quite as nice if you just want a powerful phone that you can operate with one hand. Also, in my opinion the S60 platform beats UIQ hands down. Even if they're both based on the same Symbian core.

There's a lot to be said for things that just work and S60 has a lot wider adoption than the Motorola flavor of UIQ.

Challenge by Mr eel on November 30, 11:34

Seriously, I wish more phone reviews were this readable.

I've had my eyes on this particular Nokia, but I'm not sure I'd get 3g coverage where I am.

Challenge by Christian on November 30, 16:57

Helo guys,

I just boght my 6630 today here in Hamburg and I am glad to have 3G coverage here...

But how did you install the salling clicker package??? When I send the S60.siq via bluetooth with my Powerbook I get the sofware in my new sms folder... When I try to open the 6630 tells me there's a security problem...

I can't choose any options for the sms, just open, move or erase...

Any ideas???

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on December 01, 0:43

Christian: You need to turn off certificate checks. I had that problem installing Opera. Go to Tools > Controls > Settings and turn off "Certificate control online". That should do it.

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on December 01, 3:12

hi. just browsing for the N6630 and clicked on your site. nice. very nice. here in the Philippines it's about to be released this week, so i am growing impatient. tee-hee. i also think that it's one of the best Nokia phones ever, if not one of the best smartphones ever. now, my only concern is the firmware that shipped with it. have you found any bugs yet? please let us know. thanks very much.

Challenge by Pelle on December 01, 15:12

Just a quick followup question. Is it at all possible to do video calling with the 6630 like you can on the A1000 and LG 8120?

I dont even know of course how usefull video calling is. I can see that a single handed phone is definitely an important thing.


Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on December 01, 21:18

You need a docking station-like device that Nokia also sells to make video calls. I never used it on the A925. The quality was very so-so and I just didn't have the need.

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on December 02, 8:56

so what about bugs? have you found any? like it hangs or freezes the phone when you're in the middle of accessing, etc...? it would be most helpful if you let us know.

Challenge by lea on December 04, 4:51

im wondering when will be the N6630 available here in the Philippines. I have been waiting for it for almost 1 month now. I want to replace my 6600, and this page is really helpful. It gives me so much awareness on N6630. thank you.

Challenge by nmk on December 04, 10:28

N 6630 is here in Greece since November.This phone is fabulous !!!
There's nothing better than this,it's a MUST !!!
3 G video calling also works with a special Nokia stand with 2nd camera....
Also there are millions of applications and games on the NET to download and install...
Have fun !

Challenge by Jon on December 05, 21:04

Well 6630 is not a Smartphone either, It's just a phone.
If the phone does not have a PDA function it's just a phone. And the 6630 does not have a PDA function, a PDA needs a qwerty-keypad or handprint recognition (or both).

It's not even a real 3g phone! Where is the Videconversation? In a dock at home? Well that's not what 3G is about.

Not even the best Nokia ever. Might be the best Nokia on the market today. But to annouce it as the best Nokia ever, you have to look at the history and see wich phone has been most revolutionary.

Challenge by lea on December 06, 4:26

ok, i am getting myself 6630 tomorrow. and i would like to ask if i can transfer my images and videos from my 6600 memory card to 6630's memory card? thanks

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on December 06, 8:42

hi, Jon. yes, you do have a point. it's not a 'perfect' 3G phone w/out that video function built into the unit. likewise, not a true PDA w/out the keyboard and/or stylus. but personally i think it has the best of both worlds. a PDA functions as a scheduler, PIM, et al, but it doesn't really need a true keyboard or stylus to access it, yes? i'm just disappointed w/ the (lack of) real built-in videophone; you need an external videostand for it. crap.

Challenge by Oliver on December 06, 16:27

Well I'm a previous user of Treo270 a quite interesting version of both PDA and tel features , but very low autonomy. I'm looking at the 6630, (not yet on the shelves here in France) but I wonder how it's easy to enter a message or booked agenda as I understand we should use the traditional phone keypad?
Is the synchronisation with Outlook is Ok?
Thank you for yr comment

Challenge by Roger Syversen on December 06, 23:43

Hi there, I just bought the Nokia 6630 and i have a Powerbook and would like to use the 3g/UMTS speed with my phone, how do i set up my mac to work with this speed? Any tips out there?

I don´t get connection thru bluetooth device setup, but i got a nokia 6630 port in the network preferences when i use the cable. But I don´t know how to setup or have the modem script for this phone. Anyone that can help me please?

I´m located in Norway

Challenge by Daniel on December 07, 0:25

Sounds excellent! But the why should I care?

I´ve had a Nokia since owning my own cellphone in 98. I have nothing except good things to say about the Nokia phones I have owned or everyone I ever met at Nokia. I can´t say the same for any other cellphone brands... or even the knowledge they represent.

The latest model I own is a Nokia 7610. The phone looks rather good. The embarrasment emerge when trying to type on it. My, not very large, fingers often press more than one button or navigate the wrong direction. Why did you do this to me Nokia?

Secondly, it does not sync with my powerbook. Nokia why don´t you except the fact that many, many, many Apple users love your products!!! Many of us even think that SonyEricsson, Motorola and others brands are appendages to Microsoft or bad products that we try to stay away from. Why did you to this to me Nokia? I am loosing faith. I do not want to wait until Tiger I have had the phone for six months and I have enough knowledge of software development and mobile phones to understand that it does not take six months to fix this problem.

Thirdly, I do not understand why lifeblog does not support Apple?

The important question remain? Are Nokia even interested in us using Apple as our trusted tools for thinking, tinkering or just trying to be efficient?

I am disappointed!

Challenge by David Heinemeier Hansson on December 07, 9:35

Roger: Just use Internet Connect with Bluetooth and *99# as the number and "Nokia Infrared" as the modem.

Daniel: I too wished that Nokia would pay more attention to the Mac world, but in the case of synchronization, it's actually Apple that's to blame. They promised support of SyncML a long time ago, but won't deliver until OS X 10.4 (Tiger). Oh, and the 6630 works a lot better with the Mac than my Motorola did (connection sharing just works).

Solidus: I have had a few crashes. Specifically with switching from a video recording to the RealPlayer and a few others. It's slightly annoying, but not terrible. The Motorola crashed far, far more often even during routine operations.

Challenge by Jarkko Laine on December 07, 13:31

David: How do you convert your pdf's to Repligo format? Do you have a PC just for that? :) At least to me it seemed that they didn't support Mac at all at the moment.

Challenge by Jeffry Turfboer on December 07, 19:23


great article. I already decided to get the 6630, but because it's not yet available here in The Netherlands, I'm surfing the web reading reviews and such. And reading your review makes my waiting even harder! But still, very enjoyed reading it and it assured me again I made the right choice.

By the way, I read on some other sites it's highly recommended to NOT get the Vodafone version of the 6630, since there are numerous constraints put on it by Vodafone.



Challenge by Ramana Bhamidipati on December 08, 13:58

Got it over the weekend! Nok 6630 .. its been three years i moved away from Nokia to P800.. P800 was my Fav!! Nok 6630 right now is awsome~ still fiddiling around and playing with it. looks pretty impressive and elegant and ease to use.

UI is improved and the camera just rocks as well the speed!!!

Challenge by Eqbal on December 08, 16:57


great review. Just one thing, i am having a lot of problems with my 6600 and am planning to change it. 6630 or Sony Ericson S700 are my 2 options. now help me by telling me if there is a software with which we could export the contacts (my 6600 does seem to like to connect to my PC via NOKIA's PC SUITE, so i use ContactManager for it now). is there such a SW?
Nokia's is really being weak on connectivity to computers .

Do you have any idea about S700?

Challenge by si on December 08, 18:57

Hi all,

I'm getting one of the 6630's tomorrow, and I'm interested in whether or not I'll be able to pair with it from my powerbook via bluetooth to browse the photos etc, even if I can't sync the address book - will it be recognised?

I hadn't realised that you needed a dock to do the video calling - that severely limits its use.


Challenge by Ricardo on December 09, 13:53


I've buyed today my Nokia 6630.

Great phone...

disapointement: can´t install Agile Messenger
I´ve readed here:
"Go to Tools > Controls > Settings and turn off "Certificate control online". That should do it."

But didnt work for me...and i have a lot of certificates, don´t know why...
can you help?


Challenge by stuart chalk on December 11, 17:54

from what i have read so far ! the nokia 6630 does not seem to be worth the £350 differnce between 6630 and nec 616v. i bought the later with the intention of chucking in the bin after a week ! 3 months later still going ! dont get me wrong we all know what the network is like. but you cannot fault the handset itself....

Challenge by Christian on December 12, 13:52

A salesman at my phonestore, thought that u could use the inbuilt camera in a videocall to show for example the surroundings or turn the phone/camera and look into it .... without the dock.
Is this true? Doesn't seem correct. Can u connect a videocall without the dock at all?

Challenge by Newm on December 13, 17:35

I bought the 6630 a few days ago and found it simple to transfer music and images onto the phone, but i can't seem to transfer video files, any ideas how?

Challenge by Max on December 13, 18:43

There are two cameras on the phone. one in the top right hand corner on the front and the standard camera on the back. This is what i am told. the docking station is only for when you want to view your image and the person you are speaking to on full screen.

Challenge by Jason Karney on December 13, 19:14

There is software available for Series 60 phones that can import multiple address cards. I tried this out on my 3650 recently, since recent iSync and iCal updates currently broke all Symbian sync. (Thanks, Apple.)

I don't remember the name of the program, but a lot of people were using it for the 6620. In Address Book on OSX, you can select all contacts and export, making sure the preference is set to export using vCard 2.1 format.

The software runs on the S60 phone and can import this vCard file. So yes, one can (with some effort) keep the phone and the Mac in sync for contacts.

Not sure about keeping the calendars in sync though.


Challenge by John on December 14, 14:47

There is definitely only one camera on the 6630, and it faces away from you. (The other little 'hole' is a light sensor.) But you can still make video calls - you just can't see the other person and have them see you at the same time. However, video calls are actually a fairly underwhelming function. On our phones here in Japan, we all played with the function for the first day or two, then never used it again.

Re the "Installation security error. Unable to install" problem when loading software (in this case Clicker), I'm having the same problem mentioned above, despite turning "online certif. check" off in all certificates. Has anyone actually overcome this problem, or found a sure solution?

Challenge by Si on December 14, 20:42

Right, got the 6630, and to answer my own earlier question, although it *will* pair via Bluetooth with my powerbook running OS10.3, I can't see any content on the phone. Neither can I connect via the supplied USB cable.

I *can* send a pic to the phne via Bluetooth, but can access none of the phone's content, leading me to wonder if it's worth keeping. This would be a shame, as it's very pretty, and the OS is much nicer than the rather unpleasant Sony Ericsson OS.

Anyone got any insight into accessing the photos on a mac? This is really what I'm interested in.


Challenge by on December 15, 1:29

hey guys waiting to get my hands on nokia 6630 iam selling my 6600.thanx for all the reviews .

Challenge by iceman on December 15, 1:30

hey guys waiting to get my hands on nokia 6630 iam selling my 6600.thanx for all the reviews .

Challenge by pauladesanoye on December 15, 16:18

nokia phone 6630 is still the best iun the world nothing else...

Challenge by BoB on December 15, 19:21

Hello all! Great article David. I have been awaiting the arrival of the 6630 to the states for a WHILE now! We are SO slow over here!:-) Anyway, I read in another article that you should hold off on buying the 6630 due to a newer version that is supposed to be introduced first quarter of 2005. Has anyone else heard or read this? Please let me know. It would really stink to buy one and then a newer version come out so quickly.

Thanks again for the very helpful review!!

Challenge by BoB on December 15, 19:23

Oh, I forgot to mention, the newer version is said to have two(2) cameras for 3g video use. Again, anyone heard this?

Thanks again!

Challenge by Ed on December 15, 21:58

oh and the out of memory thing? mine got the error twice yesterday out of memory. only did it twice so lets hope its all ok from now on.

still an awesome phone though.

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on December 16, 5:50

hi, BoB. you have an interesting question re newer version of N6630. if you're in the States, it could be that it'll be for US consumption. remember the 6600 and the 6620? you had a better deal there when the latter was released. here in the Philippines i thought they said here that they're releasing it 1st quarter 2005. no idea about new firmware. but now it's being released this week. i'm hesitant to buy now. wish we knew what firmware version was 1st released so i could ask the retailer...


Challenge by BoB on December 16, 7:01

I finally found the review that I read about a newer version. Here is the link:

Yes, I thought about that Solidus. But, like this review mentions, the 2 camera version will more than likely cost more.:-( I think I am going to wait at least until the mid or end of January to buy. It will be hard but......

Challenge by Darkwolf on December 16, 7:32

hey there guys.

interesting remarks concering the problem with software installations.
I wasn't aware of this function until I ran into it.
simply by turning the certificate checking off, I could install anything I want.
no problem whatsoever.
how strange that it doesn't go so well for some of you.

I got mine from Vodafone Live! for free with a subscription upgrade and UMTS.
I read about the dual-camera version... though luck... I just couldn't wait!
(my Nokia 6600 was stolen, and I got stuck with my girl's spare 3310...)

Vodafone is kinda a cheap bastard.
instead of supplying the standard 64MB... you only get 32MB which isn't much, considering what the captured media takes up, and the amount of applications and games I have for it.
same goes for the memorycard reader... it's not included.
(do have the stereo headset though!)

I made the mistake by trusting a site ( claiming they had RS MMC cards of 256 and even 512 that will work with ANY 3G phone.
then I read about the dual-voltage dillema, so now I have 256MB of memory which I cannot use.
I understood the availability is really poor of these type of cards with high storage capacity.
a major drawback, I think.

other than that, I can fit plenty on the phone still, and it's a great feature and multimedia rich device.
I never had such a pleasent keypad when it comes to pressing the buttons.
good thing I have small fingers... the keys are rather small and stacked up closely together.


(The Netherlands)

Challenge by John on December 16, 11:02

When you turned the certificate checking off, exactly what did you do? Did you turn it off for every certificate - or do you maybe have a different firmware version that has different menus? The version here is V2.39.148, and the process seems to be Settings/Security/Certif. management/select an authority/Trust settings/Online certif. check/No. A slow tedious process - and it's not helping. Would appreciate your feedback.

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on December 17, 5:17

hi, BoB. perhaps you're referring to the new Nokia 6680?

it has dual camera function: one in front and one in the back (sliding).

Challenge by Nick on December 18, 12:47

Hi Guyz!
I am a great fun of nokia phones i already tried two of their smart phones (6600 and 7610). After i read several reviews on this nokia 6630 im so damn cant wait to change my 7610. But what about this S700i of Sony-Ericsson? or the nokia 3230? i really cant decide which one should i buy, the nokia 3230 has an FM radio can also take one hour video. Can you please help me to decide? my email addy is or thanks.

Challenge by Solidus_Maximus on December 20, 7:11

hi, guys. i'm from the Philippines and i finally bought a N6630 last week. Firmware version is 2.39.15 11-11-04 RM-1. after a few hours of checking it, i found a bug in the Themes section. the default color of the Nokia theme is blue, but when you try to change the color palettes, the default color will still be used. also, when you preview the color Pink, it will display the Gray palette. i reset the unit; results were the same. so, i guess i'll wait for some time for the release of a new firmware version. crap. haven't tried ALL the available functions yet, but so far that's the only thing that's bugging (pun intended) me.

to Nick, if you are the business-type of guy, i'd say you go w/ the N6630. otherwise, wait for the N3230 for cool guys like you. :)

Challenge by Timo on December 22, 19:31

Very interesting topic! Could somebody explain the differences between 6630 and the new 3230, except for the price range..? Is it a good idea to wait for 3230 or go for something like 6230, which should be in the same price range (350 euro)? Raw technical facts please! : )

Challenge by Dr. Shafi on December 23, 21:28

Hi, I wanna buy Nokia 6630 here in Pakistan. It is yet not officially available in authorised dealer's shop although coming soon (?). I found it in another shop. It was made in China which put me on back steps. Do you recommend "Made in China" to buy? Well, that auth. dealer advised me not to waste money ( 650$) on that kinda stuff coz it might be "faulty version". Please make me clear all about that. Is it possible to have faulty versions in market ?

Challenge by The Boss on December 25, 20:49

Hi, just to know what is the latest firmware version of 6630? i bought one and i want to go to a nokia service store to put a new firmware...but i wanted to know if there is any out yet...

Challenge by E.H.Bocaling on December 25, 23:26

I bought my 6630 last week and I am convinced this is the best phone I have ever had. But one thing that i noticed is that you can't change the color of your themes. Unlike the 6600, where you can easily change the color background of your chosen theme (including the default), in my 6630 I can't seem to do so. Is it just my fone or have others encountered this glitch too. What should I do to be able to change the color palletes of my theme or phone background.

Challenge by rizza on December 26, 3:39

hello! how can i send picture from my nokia 6630 to email address?

Challenge by fallhigher on December 28, 3:07

is it possible that N6630 new version with 2 cameras will be launched in Indonesia

Challenge by Solidus_Maximus on December 28, 4:06

hi. here's something plenty for everybody:

Timo, here's the thread to the Nokia 6630 (Europe):,8764,60271,00.html
thread to Nokia 3230 (Europe):,6771,68657,00.html
thread to Nokia 6230 (Europe):,8764,48614,00.html
personal preferences will be the deciding factor on what you want to buy. are you the executive type? do you want some cool & fun factor? or do you want a little bit of everything? the 6630, 3230, and the 6230 are your choices, respectively.

Dr. Shafi, China and Korea are the authorized manufacturers in Asia. any phone bought in Asia produced by them are honored by a 1-year warranty. couldn't say the same if you bought a European-made. that's the advantage. likewise, a European-made is honored in any European country. unless you're referring to a fake 'Made in China...' 'faulty version' could mean the earlier firmware versions where there are a lot of bugs.

The Boss, take a few steps back on this thread and read my post on Dec. 20. i think that is the latest version. i went to Nokia a few days ago and they haven't a new firmware yet. will update you guys here.

E.H.Bocaling, i therefore conclude that the themes bug is inherent to that firmware version (2.39.15, 11-11-04). i also confirmed it w/ my authorized dealer here in the Philippines. also, during screensaver mode (your phone is idle), it won't display any icons to tell you that you have a new message, missed calls, etc... you have to press a button or unlock the phone just to check. how inconvenient. also check my previous post dated Dec. 20.

rizza, all you have to do is type your email address and then send it thru the MMS function. pretty simple, eh? :)

see y'all guys later. thanks.

Challenge by Solidus_Maximus on December 28, 4:18

hi, fallhigher. i doubt Nokia will release the new dual-cam 6630 (if ever there will be) in the Asia-Pacific. let's go back a little: Nokia released the 6600 in Europe and Asia last year. then they released the 6620, an improved/modified version of the 6600, to the American market. 3G or WCDMA/UMTS is available in the US, whereas in the Asian region it's still in its baby stage. well, take it from there...

Challenge by fallhigher on December 28, 7:16

do u guyz think is possible that we can make a video calling without any optional devices? (i mean with only default cam at the back side). coz N6680 with dual cam will b released Q2 next year

Challenge by Solidus_Maximus on December 28, 8:13

as others have posted here, it is possible to make a videocall using the camera on the backside.

Challenge by leon on December 30, 13:04

hi everybody,
i live in istanbul and got a 6630 from italy. impossible to sychronise with pc suite on the computer i have(xp). followed instructions carefully. however it says "PC Suite settings file missing from the phone" there a site i can download this missing piece?
thanks a million))

Challenge by Selam on December 30, 22:31

I do live in istanbul too, and had no problem on PC Suite on my notebooks XPpro, except it looked for dricer at some stages of installation. I do use DKU-2 btw
My suggestion is totally unload all nokia s/w, then reboot and install without phone connected.

Challenge by mark on January 01, 18:37

I noticed that my 6630 sometimes flicker or should I say exhibit some sort of electrical surge on the screen during various stages of use. Has anyone experienced the same. Am having version 2.39.15.

Likewise, I do concur with the posted messages here re: changing the color palette on the theme. It doesn't work at all.

Nevertheless, it is still THE BEST handphone I have used so far. I even sold my P910i to switch to this model.

Challenge by Drkadem on January 02, 3:55

I bought 6630 3 days ago.But it has limitations set by the provider.How can i pass them?I cant install any programs or use web-wap browser.Must i reload the firmware?If so how can i find and load it?
Please help me!

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on January 03, 2:31

hi, mark! could you please elaborate on what you stated re: flicker and/or electrical surges on the screen? i am very interested to know and see for myself. i have the same firmware version as you have. could it be the lights on the scree and the keypad, where it would change from time to time depending on the environmental lighting available? thanks in advance.

Challenge by Solidus_Maximus on January 04, 9:35

correction/update: the Nokia 6600 does display the missed calls during screensaver mode, including the lock key (if engaged), however, the text message icon is still nowhere to be found. wait, there's more...
i tried to take a screen grab of the Panasonic-Toyota Racing Team .3gp file (from a X700) sent via Bluetooth; the phone reset itself. i tried it a couple more times, and i got the same result. i found three (3) broken files in the image editor, so those were it. you cannot open it since it contains no image capture. i took screen shots of two (2) other movie files on the 6600 and they worked. hmm, what gives? must be the file structure. well, that's it for now.

Challenge by Solidus_Maximus on January 04, 9:39

oh, boy, oh, boy. i meant to say the Nokia 6630, not the 6600. sorry.

Challenge by Jules on January 04, 16:06

Having touble using my Nokia Bluetooth headset with my 6630. It recongnises the device but only connects now and again and there doesn't seem to be a pattern to when it works or not. I've been back and changed the headset for another one but that is just as bad. Has anyone else had problems with this?

Challenge by mark on January 05, 14:13

Hi Solidus Maximus,

The flicker I noticed seems to appear in random. Most apparent is when I play games. It something like a crooked line that suddenly appears on the center of the screen (like when you turn off your TV set). Is this an interference or something, I really have no clue. One thing though is that I have used quite a number of nokia phones (6600, 7210, 3650, 3330, 6100) and I havent seen such an anomaly in a nokia phone.

My problem is that I cannot pinpoint when it will happen that's why I can't just bring it back to Nokia.

Am just hoping that this flicker thing can be solved by future firmware upgrades.

As far as the bluetooth headset, am using the Sony brand and it works perfectly.

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on January 06, 2:29

hi, Mark!

thanks for replying. i think you'd better bring back that unit of yours and have it exchanged for a new one. it seems to me that what you have is defective. i have never had any 'anomalies' like that myself (owning several Nokias). it might be the screen or a chip that's defective. surrender your unit to your authorized dealer for a few days and let them check it. i have 10 games and about as many apps installed on my unit and i find no such thing as flickering. don't wait for a new firmware. good luck.

Challenge by Jarve on January 06, 12:29

Hi chaps

Beware to all who obtain N6630 via Orange, they have taken a lot of the original Nokia software out of the phone as they say it is not Compatible and replaced it with their own players etc... WHICH DONT WORK... I have spoken to Orange and they have advised that they think some of their own software if not Compatible.. They need to do their homework. This player is called Music Player it will only work if you reboot the phone, if you try and do anything else (say like answer or make a call) and try and go back into the player it will not let you in without a reboot or you take out the memory card and reinsert it. My friend has n6630 via T-mobile and his is working fine apart from his G3 connection as if he leaves town it reverts back to G2, in same area on my orange keeps on G3

Challenge by dzeuk on January 07, 10:57

hi solidus maximus
i'm from the philippines too. i bought my nokia 6630 about two weeks ago with the firmwire version 2.39.15. i just want to know how i can upgrade my firmwire. because as all of you stated in your posts, the bugs are true. I even experienced short battery life. maybe overnight after charging and the next morning it was dead. but somehow i managed to prolong battery life up to 3 days now with prolonged use. the only thing i did was, not use Powerlock 1.03 and use the offline mode everytime my phone does not have a signal.

and also, does your viewfinder, after taking a photo sorta kinda like the 3650 with dots? but when you look at it at the gallery it seems fine.

and is it normal that the viewfinder seems to be dark and brightness and contrast must be adjusted manually.
hope you reply soon, thanks !

Challenge by Johnny on January 07, 13:33

I seem to have the same problem solidus maximus is having ...
- can't change the color palette
- messeges are not displayed while the screen saver is engaged
- can't get rid of the bloody wallpaper that comes with the nokia theme ... if i change the picture it only places it on top of the original one
so far these are my issues, any help please? anyone? thanks!

Challenge by albert on January 07, 15:51


Why doesnt goboy or yewsoft work on my 6630. when i click the programs, nothing happens... :(



Challenge by Liam on January 07, 23:42

Just bought a Nokia 6630 today. I live in the UK and my last 'phone' was the Motorola A925. I say 'phone' because the motorola on '3' services seemed to do everything under the sun except make phone calls without 'dropping' them after a few seconds, even though I live in a highly populated area of Scotland with full 3G reception. It's like a breath of fresh air returning to Nokia and getting away from '3' services in general. I find this new 6630 very simple to use as I had a 7650 before going to '3' and everything about it feel very familiar to me with it. Only problem I've had with it is this. I've installed the PCsuite for the phone and connected it to my PC, I've also synchronised my phone and PC through the suite. But on trying to transfer JPGs to the phone from the PC, it doesn't let me! I get to the point of 'upload to phone' then it just says 'unable to upload' even though they are both connected!?!

Any clues to what I'm doing wrong???

Challenge by Milotov on January 08, 20:34

A friend of mine bought the phone from one of our local telcos in Singapore. Everything about the phone is awesome but the bluetooth tend to be very buggy. I am not able to send anything via bluetooth from my Nokia 6600. I paired the phone and authorize the connection. Still the bluetooth connection failed. Tried to check if there is any additional options from me to tweak but I found none. So I advise my friend to bring it back to the Nokia Care centre for a check. Suspect that the initial version might have some hardware defects. However while I was playing with all the features I did not take note of the firmware version. Maybe I should and once I determine the firmware version I will try to post again.
Potential buyers out there you might want to hold back your decision before buying this phone. Seems that the early batch badly needed some ironing out before it can be tag as a stable phone

Challenge by Mark on January 09, 7:26

Thanks for the advise Maximus.

Milotov, I bought my unit in Singapore as an "export unit". Do you think I can return it back to Nokia Care center considering it's an export unit?

Also, I did have problems on bluetooth link with my 6600. I doesn't seems to connect whereas the 6630 connects well with both P910i and my PC.

Lastly, am using a SMART pre-paid sim while am in Philippines and I can't seem to set MMS properly even after I used the settings wizard. Still can't send any MMS.

Thanks guys for any info/comments.

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on January 10, 2:49

hi again, everybody. on to the issues...

to dzeuk: you can upgrade to the new firmware version by going to your dealer where you bought your unit. if you bought it from an authorized dealer, they will fix it for free. remember you have a 1-year warranty, and software upgrading is one of the things covered by it. in other stores, there's a price to pay...
shortened batery life? are you still constantly playing & fiddling with it? 'coz that's the only way your battery is gonna run dry. mine lasts for 2 to 2.5 days with normal or moderate use (wap/internet browsing, games/apps, calls).
as for the image capture with 'white' noise, i can't say it's a defect. it's more like a weakness of the camera itself. note that the image isn't saved yet, and it's like in a freeze frame mode (like a tape). when you go to gallery immediately, it is automatically saved, hence the 'real' (i.e., better) image is shown. though it can be fixed, i'm not betting on it for a long while.
and unfortunately, YES, you have to adjust the brightness and contrast manually everytime you switch to camera. hey, it's common for digital cameras, so why can't this one? this is actually one of the best features of any camera, because it gives you control of what you'd like to see in your pictures. when you switch on to camera, notice how it tries to focus by adjusting automatically to ambient conditions? now, if the 'auto' is not good enough for you, then use the 'manual.' see, more options to your liking. and don't get me started on why it's choppy or there's 'ghosting' on night mode. :)

to Johnny: YES, any image you use for any current theme will only be placed on top of it. you cannot use the image to fill the entire screen. this is normal, not a defect.

to albert: the most probable reason why the Go Boy doesn't work is that it's not really configured for it (since 6630 is new), though you could argue that it works with any Series 60 unit. but it has a new OS unit (ver. 8.0), so I have S60 apps and games that don't work for my unit as well. i ain't complaining though. i'll just have to wait for a new 'firmware' version of Go Boy. Notice to Go Boy creators: hurry up with the release! Hah! How's that? :)

to Liam: can't answer you on that one. i'm having problems with that myself. d'oh!

to Mark: i'm using a Smart postpaid subscription, and i think i'm only half as successful sending MMS, i.e., if i send two (2) MMS of the same kind to the same recipient, one (1) will only be received. well, something like that. i sent the other the next day and it was received. sabi kasi niya 'di daw niya na-receive, ayan, gastos uli! ha ha! let's complain that to Smart...

see you later, guys!


Challenge by mark on January 10, 7:10

Has anyone found a suitable rs-mmc card higher than the 64mb that came with the unit? If so, could you inform us where and the capacity...

Challenge by Chetan on January 10, 19:59

Guys can I connect 6630 to my PC as a modem via Bluetooth and use its GPRS connection to surf net on my PC as we do in 6600/7610?

And does 6630 support very good MP3 playback in speakerfone and handsfree kit as in 3300/6230?

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on January 11, 5:21

hi, Chetan. regarding mp3, i say it plays GOOD. the Sony Ericsson P900 sounds better, loudspeaker- and headphone-wise. it is a little bit louder and has more high fidelity to it.

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on January 11, 6:02

UPDATE: just read this from other forums (thanks to Johnny for the email). there's a new firmaware version: 3.45.11
i'm not sure about the specific date but it sure is December 2004. if you notice that's a big jump from the 2.39.15 version.

also, check this out from Mobile-Review:

"Just to make it clear once again, there is NO issue with palette, palette setting make sense ONLY for 8-bit draphics, so if you are using a theme with 8-bit graphics - it works fine, if your theme uses 16-bit graphics - it has no effect.

Probably the most confusing is that standard theme is using 16-bit graphics too, so that setting has no effect on it."

here's the thread:

now, would someone please explain why the PINK color palette previews the color GRAY?

Challenge by Chetan on January 11, 11:06

Hey please let me know the quality of mp3 output on 6630 compared to Nokia 6230 and 7610/6670.

Please also tell can I connect 6630 to my PC as a modem via Bluetooth and use its GPRS connection to surf net on my PC as we do in 6600/7610?

Challenge by dzeuk on January 11, 12:36

to solidus maximus

i just slept that night and next morning, battery is empty. my fone has NOKIA warranty and the dealer i bought it from is not an authorized dealer. i bought it from the province kasi eh, d2 ko manila nag-sstudy. thanks anyway

Challenge by Chetan on January 11, 19:46

How is nokia 7710 as compared to 6630.

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on January 12, 1:09

to dzeuk:
hmm. you could be a victim of those vendors who sell refurbished units as new. and that usually comes with fake batteries (na-scratch at check mo yung serial # ng batt?). i don't know if you're aware of it, but this is widespread in our country (e.g. Greenhills). how many days does it take before your battery runs out now? that cannot be served a warranty because you bought it from an 'unauthorized' dealer, if you know what i'm saying.

Challenge by ice-manz on January 12, 1:11

Hello everbody

Just got my 6630 (hk version, grey import into malaysia) about US635 a few days ago. Like this phone very much and at this moment installing apps and games like he**. One problem that i found is that the 'Real player' can't seem to play big *.RM files (> than 2MB). *.3gp files are fine. My firmware is 3.45.110 - 2-12-04 - RM-1

Challenge by ratty on January 12, 8:28

hey ramana, I totally agree, i have jz been surfing through the net reading reviews on the 6630 which i am planning to get in the next few days, and i have- all this time been using the P 800, which has been an awesome device, and readin this syt has tempted me evn furthr, but i wish to ask ur opinion on the switch frm p800 to 6630- wuld u recommend or not?

Challenge by dzeuk on January 13, 9:30

to solidus maximus

they were offering a unit with or without a warranty, i took the one with warranty, might as well ask him.. my sticker nman e, check ko nlang..

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on January 13, 10:32

ice-manz, have you tried other RM files? please do and check to verify. thanks.

ratty, i recommend you buy one. if you still prefer a P800-type w/ stylus handwriting, then upgrade to P910i. good luck.

Challenge by Mac user on January 13, 22:53

No Nokia- no cry

Challenge by Johnny on January 14, 13:04

still checking with my local nokia dealer (in KSA) and they haven't gotten the new firmware version yet ... it's pretty sad though that the good people at nokia don't post such updates on their website or forum ...

Has anyone managed to get MSN messenger working on their 6630 phone though? i downloaded both Trbo MSN and AgileMessenger both of which don't seem to wanna work ... could it be a network problem not allowing such connections with my GPRS providor?

Maximus, thanks for updates ... i think the color thing is a funny joke by nokia ... pink is GrAY ... that's what they're trying to say i guess :) but why would anyone wanna have pink on their phone ... dark blue is difficult to see as it is ...

cheers :)

Challenge by Johnny on January 15, 8:04

i found a new bug ... i found a new bug ... yay ... this game is fun ... of course being such a busy guy and all i got the nokia bluetooth headset (AKA earpiece without the optional suicide wires) ...

by the way i do prefer the old-type earpiece and not the one they are using for this 6630 which even if ur not thinking about suicide before using it you will for sure kill urself with all those wires around ur neck ...

anyways ... back to my bug ... so u pair the bluetooth headset with with phone no problems there, you set it as authorized connection ... no problems there either ... and it works!! but then ... if the headset is disconnected from the phone for some reason (you move the phone more than 10 meters away from the headset or turn off the headset ...) the connection is gone, that's normal no biggie yet ...

then u try to re-connect ... the phone sees ur headset and goes "ah authorized bluetooth device ... me like" and connects with it and u get the sign on ur phone that ur phone is paired and all ... but wait ... the little headphone icon doesnt come on ... and you cant use the headset ... it's connected to the phone through bluetooth but not as a headset ...

the say ok no problem ... go to the bluetooth menu and from options u choose "connect" ... but sadly the phone tells u sorry u have the maximum number of connections already in place ...

... only solution ... u set the headset as un-authorized and you have to turn the phone off then back on again then connect from the bluetooth manually ...

hello NOKIA people ... were your product testing people on vacation when you released this new firmware??

and i thank you all :)

Challenge by icemanz on January 17, 4:04

Solidus Maximus

Yes, my other RM files works on the real player..

Challenge by icemanz on January 17, 7:32

Tips, just discovered frm various forums:

If you have firmware 3.45.110 2-12-04 RM-1, you can go to Tools\Settings\Network\Network mode ---> Dual or GSM. By opting for GSM only you can prolong yr battery life.

Go to Tools\Settings\Call\Reject call with SMS --> set to No. This will save $$ whn you reject calls during meetings, etc

Challenge by Nanie Reyes on January 17, 18:09

I am a mobile phones technician. I want to download newst version of firmware for nokia mobile phones. I'm using griffin for software. How can I download new version of firmware?

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on January 18, 2:02

for those living in the Philippines: just yesterday i went to a Nokia Profssional store and asked for a firmware upgrade. the lady said that their latest firmware is the old 2.39.15. she asked where i knew. i said the internet/forums. 'my, info comes so fast,' she said. well, that tells you something...
anyway, you can have your phone upgraded w/ the new firmware version for free; just bring your receipt/sales invoice and make sure you bought your Nokia from authorized dealers. Otherwise, there may be extra charges (i didn't ask).

Challenge by Dazza on January 18, 14:04

Just got the 6630 on Orange in the UK. Loaded Agile Messenger no problem,but cannot connect to Yahoo messenger. The Agile help mentions ports which need to be open? Can anyone who uses Agile Yahoo on their 6630 explain how they got it to work please?

Thanks in advance.

Challenge by FEMMY FAMAK on January 18, 15:59

Thanks for this wonderful site.
Pls I have three questions that are bugging me and I'm sure I can have the required answers here.
First, how can one copy straight to the memory card rather than through the phone before saving unto the memeory.
Is it possible to by-pass the phone memory to the card memory?
Secondly, my phone simply repeats a single track out of about five on the phone, and I have to manually stop and select a new track to play.
I wonder if its possible for the tracks to play at random, all through and repeatedly too; as is usual with all digital music players.
Finally, any news on the dual voltage mmc?
We got 32mg from Vodafone, and it amounts to very little.
Thereis this hunger to increase 'storage room'.

Challenge by Dazza on January 19, 0:11

With regard to the music tracks - if you're using Realplayer and other players I guess - you need to create a playlist. This should allow you to select all the tracks you want. Realplayer will then let you 'click' through the tracks.
I've been using the data cable and explorer to drag files where I want on the phone or card memory with no problem.
I'm no expert, so I hope this helps.

Challenge by Kulapo on January 19, 9:26

Hey Guys somethin happened to my 6630! it blew off!..i don't know how the f**K it's like a baby dynamite. it almost blew on my face! how could this happend how......!!!!! should i sue the nokia?????

Challenge by femi famakin on January 19, 11:13

Hey guys,
Have you heard of TwinMOS technologies.
They are based in Taiwan and seem to have developed the DD RSMMC
Pls check for confirmation and lets discuss.
There is a branch in Netherlands.

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on January 21, 7:08

Kulapo, if that's what really happened, better report it. check the battery that came along w/ the unit. must be a fake one you got there. there'd been reports already about celphone explosion. lucky you're alive. Nokia has been publishing concerns about genuine and fake batteries. see your manual.

Femi, you mean the DV (dual-voltage) RS-MMC. let's wait for Nokia to release one first. i'm a bit hesitant w/ the other manufacturers yet. the released RS-MMCs on the market do not match the voltage ratings of Nokia's.

Challenge by dotz on January 22, 9:53

hi solidus! I'm thinking of buying the 6630... could you recommend any good stores here in manila that's more or less not going to give me a phone with bugs or old firmwire? Is Hub okay?

Challenge by MSD on January 23, 6:59

Just bought the 6630 last week in Jeddah.
How to find out the installed firmware version?
One thing I noticed is that my 6630 "resets" itself after intervals of like 15-minutes, either during use or standby.
Anybody can enlighten me?

Challenge by mahboob on January 24, 10:11


Challenge by Ellisw on January 24, 19:21

I have just received the 6630. It is from Vodafone, who rather meanly only include a 32Mb card. Shame on them. I think that they also disable a number of functions judging from the thread here, but without another one to compare, I cannot be sure.

In bluetooth I have paired the phone to my laptop (Mac OS X 10.3.7) and that seems to work. I then try to send a picture to the laptop and the process comes up on screen, then just hangs there.. nothing happens. The camera is useless if you cannot download the pictures. Can anyone help?

If I upgrade to the latest firmware (3.45.110?) will this over-ride the Vodafone settings?

Huge thanks to anyone that can help..

Challenge by Femi on January 25, 11:26

Well Ellis, I got my N6630 from Vodafone.
Save for the fact that it came with the poor 32mg; every other thing seems to work alright.
I can send and receive pix to and from my Mac, though I run 10.2.8.
You may check the security section, if you have to take it off Vodafone restriction; though I din't do that.
Or wait for other comments and advice.
Cheers and best of luck.

Challenge by Ellisw on January 25, 17:43

Thanks Femi. I am persevering. I have no problem sending vCards to the phone from the mac Address Book, but simply cannot download the pictures to the computer.

Can you run me through how you do it? - I may be missing something really simple.

I am warming to the phone.. If I could crack this, then it'll win me over!

Challenge by Emerson Tan on January 26, 6:50

Hi, I'm from the philippines, the nokia website said that 6630 comes with bulid in quickoffice to view microsoft office files. can you edit those files using your 6630 quick office? I need a spreadsheet for the phone and i'm wondering if you can enter figures on them or just for viewing only. Thanks

Challenge by Docter on January 26, 17:15

To find out which firmware your 6630 has:


0 = zero !! not oooooohhhhh :-)

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on January 27, 1:16

hi, dotz! any store that offers you a 1-year warranty on your purchase is a good store (semicon, memo express, nokia professional, globe, smart...). bugs and/or manufacturing defects are the sole responsibilities of the manufacturer (Nokia), hence, the warranty. read the warranty in your manual: Nokia will either replace or repair it for free at their discretion if found to be defective. that means the retailers have no control over quality issues and are not liable for such bugs/defects (unless they did some defective configuringof their own). they sell what the manufacturer offers. so try to buy w/ the latest firmware by asking for it. keep in mind that there will always be firmware upgrades...

Ellisw, i think there might be a chance that it could over-ride the Vodafone settings. a Vodafone user (Germany) emailed me once and asked where to upgrade 'coz he said that Vodafone upgrades firmware for a fee. i'm not sure, but it would seem that they would update them firmware but still retaining their own settings. whereas if you upgrade it w/ somebody else, well, you just might have the 'complete' phone, so to speak.

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on January 27, 1:19

just to rephrase my previous challenge:

" would seem that they would update the firmware while still retaining their own settings."

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on January 27, 1:27

kumusta, kababayang Emerson Tan? yes, it comes w/ the Quickoffice soft (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), but sadly it's only a viewer. no editing w/c is a bummer. but i'm sure someone will release a Quickoffice editor sooner or later. wait for it...

MSD: return the phone to where you bought it from. have it repaired/upgraded or ask for a replacement. you must be an owner of an older version or one of the unlucky...

Challenge by on January 27, 4:10

Yup kababayan tayo:) The panasonic x700 comes quickoffice viewer and editor so i thought nokia has the same, mmm, i'm still thinking... thanks Solidus

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on January 28, 1:46

Emerson, the Pana X700 is a fine piece of hardware, w/ the same Symbian S60 OS as the Nokia 6630. If you want to transfer and edit office files, then by all means go get it. However, I found out that the videos taken by it is super choppy (something like 4 fps maybe). My brother works for Panasonic cellphone division. So there. :)

Challenge by Femi on January 28, 2:54

I still don't understand why you can't download pictures to your Mac.
Funny enough, I simply point my N6630 at the computer and bingo ,
my pix are transfered through the bluetooth.
It's that simple.
I hope there is no problem with your phone.
I use eMac with Belkin bluetooth adaptor.

Challenge by dzeuk_ph on February 01, 7:52

yo mga pare, there's quick office 2.0 that can edit and view ppt, xls and doc files, i already replaced mine. i think there is a newer version.

Challenge by GH Denison on February 02, 22:03

This really is a fantastic phone!!!

A year ago I switched from a Nokia 3650 to a Sharp GX-30, and I must say I was slightly disappointed. The GX-30 lacked several key components (e.g. full Bluetooth), and although the GX-30i was an imrpivement, I still found it uncustomisable, and very awkward.

When I got my 6630, I thought i was stuck with the same horrid red Vodafone menus of the GX-30, but, in true Nokia style, you can change it to a much better looking theme.

Nokia have really outdone themselves with this phone. It's features are unbeatable, and although it's design lineage and OS are similar to the 3650, this phone is in a different league! It has, quite literally, everything you could want, and let's face it, video calling is alright for novelty, but it is not really very useful in the longterm, thus, the 6630's capacity is quite sufficient!

I would recommend this phone to anyone looking for a smartphone. It outclasses all alternatives (that I have seen), and really gives the user a sense of comfort.

Challenge by Solidus Maximus on February 03, 9:53

yo pareng dzeuk_ph, where did you get your quickoffice? free download? for a price? where? salamat!

Challenge by Prancer on February 03, 23:04

i installed the nokia pc suite software but the 6630 is not getting recognised by the computer. I think it is because my computer does not hav USB 2.0? Can anyone help because i really want 2 save the pictures i have on my phone into the pc. Also when i go into the pc suite software the files are there but the contents are empty eg. i go into photos and it's empty..plz help :) thnx

Challenge by on February 04, 5:13

hi, Prancer. i had the same situation you're in before. just take the risk and let the process completes itself. there will be no harm in your PC or your phone. that's what i did. and now i'm enjoying...
if you're PC doesn't have USB 2.0, tough luck. that is needed for you to access all your files...

Challenge by on February 04, 5:13

hi, Prancer. i had the same situation you're in before. just take the risk and let the process completes itself. there will be no harm in your PC or your phone. that's what i did. and now i'm enjoying...
if you're PC doesn't have USB 2.0, tough luck. that is needed for you to access all your files...

Challenge by on February 04, 16:47

Hello, do you know any website that offers freeware for Symbian Series 60? What are the nice programs you would recommend, free or otherwise? Also, is Symbian OS more efficient than Windows mobile OS on the same hardware? I read a comment that Windows mobile needs more of the CPUs resources than Palm OS, that it slows down the processes when using an application. So a windows powered mobile with higher processor and memory is not necessarily faster than a slower processor powered Palm. Is Symbian as efficient as Palm? Salamat.

Challenge by prancer on February 05, 1:11

hi agen thanx 4 the help but is there any possible way to get a USB 2.0 to my computer? maybe by an external USB 2.0 connected to my computers USB connections? if any has any ideas or help plz respond...thnx :)

Challenge by Insider on February 05, 7:40

The NEWEST & MOST STABLE firmware!!! This firmware version 3.45.113 is dated on 04-01-05 RM1.

It solves tons of restart, incl bluetooth issue, SMS junk restart, SIM
card recognition problem.

Please DISBALE the DUAL mode on the Network connection, instead use only GSM MODE. After u do this, this version is super stable.

I have used intensive EDGE, SMS, bluetooth, calling for the past 10
days & still have NO restart or crash at all.

DAMN, this phone really rocks now!!

Challenge by on February 06, 8:50

Hi, do you know what is the maximum RSMMC the 6630 can use?

Challenge by on February 07, 3:32


Challenge by Shailesh on February 08, 0:11

Hi Challenge,

>>The NEWEST & MOST STABLE firmware!!! This firmware version 3.45.113 is dated on 04-01-05 RM1.
from where have you got the u have any idea if it is possible to do this upgrade in UK vodafone's 6630.....

me desparately looking for latest firmware upgrade of 6630 as my phones battery last max 20 hours.....

someone please help me out......

thanks in advance,

Challenge by Insider on February 08, 5:46

The NEWEST & MOST STABLE firmware!!! This firmware version 3.45.113 is dated on 04-01-05 RM.

I am located in Malaysia.
The authorized Nokia distributor in malaysia called Zitron have confirm this is an official release version.

You can flash the vodaphone customize version with this one for sure.

Challenge by MiLeS on February 08, 13:16

I'm getting my 6630 in about two days, can't wait to get my hands on it and try it out, I'm sure it's gonna be really cool!

Challenge by Caso on February 09, 0:02

Im getting mine tomorow, cant w8 about it..

Challenge by Steven Grant on February 10, 14:46

Which version of Agile do you have installed? Doesn't appear to be a download for the 6630.


Challenge by Shailesh on February 10, 23:03

Thanks Insider. I hope vodafones stable version should be on the way.....lets wait n watch.....

Challenge by mercurio on February 11, 6:47

For my internet connection, I'd like to move up from dial-up and EDGE and UMTS now cost less than ADSL, so...
Can anyone tell me the speed they are getting using Powerbook or PC for internet connection with EDGE andorUMTS using n6630?
And are you using Bluetooth or USB?

Challenge by David Moradzadeh on February 13, 18:47

Do not buy this P910i phone!! If it did what Sony advertised it would be great but let me assure you, after many hours with Sony Ericsson customer support, it does not. For those of you who want to synchronize your contacts with subcategories to your phone the Symbian operating system and programs do not work as advertised. Neither does the P910i software work for pictures and MP3's. I have 2 Pentium 2 Computers, XP, 2 gigs of memory and have had other phones that worked seamlessly with outlook and other programs.

A class action lawsuit needs to be filed soon if Sony does not solve their false P910i advertising and resolve these issues with a patch as I have been told they do not intend to do so.

I can be contacted at 310 471-8184 if you have had the same issues and want to do something about it.

Challenge by David Moradzadeh on February 13, 18:47

Do not buy this P910i phone!! If it did what Sony advertised it would be great but let me assure you, after many hours with Sony Ericsson customer support, it does not. For those of you who want to synchronize your contacts with subcategories to your phone the Symbian operating system and programs do not work as advertised. Neither does the P910i software work for pictures and MP3's. I have 2 Pentium 2 Computers, XP, 2 gigs of memory and have had other phones that worked seamlessly with outlook and other programs.

A class action lawsuit needs to be filed soon if Sony does not solve their false P910i advertising and resolve these issues with a patch as I have been told they do not intend to do so.

I can be contacted at 310 471-8184 if you have had the same issues and want to do something about it.

Challenge by rosie princess on February 13, 20:45

i pesonally think that the features of this phone is really good. what i fucking hate is that i managed to get TWO faulty phones with the same problem. im still waiting for my third replacement. the problem with the handset was that eveytime i call someone i hear this loud disturbing noise. nokia as a whole do produce some good phones but it is really annoying due to me keep changing the handsets. sort out the problem NOKIA.

Challenge by tykenny on February 14, 7:31

please, how can i can the latest Firmware version 3.45.113 is dated on 04-01-05 at Malaysia ?

can i get it on the internet ?

wat's should i do ?


Challenge by Sam on February 14, 15:42


I am living in the uk and i want to buy a 6630. I need to know if anybody has had any problems with their 6630 on ORANGE. I went into the orange shop in my town and they simply told me that all 6630's had been recalled!?! Has anybody else had the same experience?!? Would I be better buying a 6630 SIM free??? Also - Does the 6630 come pre-programmed with an MP3 player???

Many Thanks In Advance


Challenge by dmitri on February 16, 10:02

Hi Insider:

I'm from Penang,Malaysia, longing to get this phone but read of a lot of bugs.......... : happy though when you said there's a more stable firmware. I heard that the sales package contains 2 camera lenses, is this true? the sales package in Malaysia comes with 64 or 32 MB RS-MMC? does the sales package contain the installation CD?the previos N7600 i bought don't come with it, have to download the PCsuite from the net. how much the phone cost(from zitron)? Thanks!


Challenge by Insider on February 16, 17:04

My 6630 with firmware 3.45.113. Have not hang at all in 2 weeks already. All of my frens 6630 with 3.45.113 is rock stable.
malaysia 6630 Zitron package does include the Nokia Datasuite. U can always download the latest from internet for free.

Malaysia 6630 comes with RSMMC 64megs.

Orange did recall their 6630 so that this version 3.45.113 can be flash onto their phones to solve the 3G bugs.

The camera picture quality i got from my unit is very good just like all the reviews they have on the internet. After bring my photo to the FUJI center to print 4R , i found that the quality of pictures is equivalent to a 2 megapixel canon digital camera, which is VERY VERY good. Finally Nokia can overtake samsung in GSM/3G phone. S700 produce slighly better picture at night wit flash. But for daytime & indoor, this 6630 camera rocks. Imagine that the JPEG picture file size is about 500-800K each picture.

The 6630 was release before all bug fixes bekos the Operators in Europe is launching their 3G network & they want a 3G phone from Nokia. Nokia release to capture the market that samsung & S700 was eating away from Nokia 7610. The release timeline & firmware updates are perfectly executed from the Nokia marketing team. Get a phone out 3 months b4 the actual ready date & capture the market first & then update later. One have to realise that this is a smartphone, not a normal phone, so it's prone to have problems, just like when samsung cancel their symbian smartphone D700 b4 launching.

6630 with a processor of 220mhz & symbian is very quick compare with ANY phone. It's a winner.

Of course the Nokia 6680(release in march/apr 2005) with 256K colors TFT & dual camera is the PERFECT phone to have.

Challenge by dmitri on February 16, 19:34

hoping to get my hand on the phone ASAP, how much (RM) you spend for it?


Challenge by nico on February 17, 11:34

I have used a 6630 for two month now. I have the 2.39.15 11-11-04 RM 1 software version and it works ok. The camera takes great pictures in daylight. Haven´t yet desided what browser to use. Just finnished testing Opera.

Challenge by David Moradzadeh on February 17, 18:17

Attn Guan Yang:

Do not But the P910i, P910a or p910 if you want a PDA. I wanted a Mobile Phone that does what it advertises what it will do. For $700 to $1,000.00 I expect Sony’s products to do what it says. I have had several Phones, Pocket Pc is one of them and I never had any issues with its software, the phone, and the promises made for what the phone does was kept.

Do not buy this P910i phone!! There are many software issues that need to be fixed. The reviews are mostly Sony Advertisements. If it did what Sony advertised it would be great but let me assure you, after many hours with Sony Ericsson customer support, it does not. For those of you who want to synchronize your contacts with subcategories to your phone the Symbian operating system and programs do not work as advertised. Neither does the P910i software work for pictures and MP3's. I have 2 Pentium 2 Computers, XP, 2 gigs of memory and have had other phones that worked seamlessly with outlook and other programs.

A class action lawsuit needs to be filed soon if Sony does not solve their false P910i advertising and resolve these issues with a patch as I have been told they do not intend to do so.

I can be contacted at 310 471-8184 if you have had the same issues and want to do something about it.

P910i Sony P910i Sony P910i Sony P910 Sony P910 Sony P910 Sony P910 Sony P910 Sony P910 Sony
Review Reviews Review Reviews Review Reviews Review Reviews Review Reviews Review Reviews
P910i Sony P910i Sony P910i Sony P910 Sony P910 Sony P910 Sony P910 Sony P910 Sony P910 Sony
Review Reviews Review Reviews Review Reviews Review Reviews Review Reviews Review ReviewsP910i Sony P910i Sony P910i Sony P910 Sony P910 Sony P910 Sony P910 Sony P910 Sony P910 SonyReview Reviews Review Reviews Review Reviews Review Reviews Review Reviews Review Reviews P910i Sony P910i Sony P910i Sony P910 Sony P910 Sony P910 Sony P910 Sony P910 Sony P910 SonyReview Reviews Review Reviews Review Reviews Review Reviews Review Reviews Review Reviews Ericsson Reviews Ericsson Reviews Ericsson Reviews Ericsson Reviews Ericsson Reviews Ericsson Reviews Ericsson Reviews Ericsson

Challenge by G H Denison on February 18, 13:26

Hello, I've been having a problem with MIDI files. The 6630 is saying that free ones from the internet are protected, and thus, I can't send them. I know they aren't protected because I could send them easily on my GX30i and 3650. I even got a new handset because I thought it must be a fault, but my new handset is doing the same thing. Does anyone know how I might solve this problem, or has anyone had the same problem? I would really appreciate any help you might be able to give.

Challenge by Insider on February 18, 16:59

Since the 7610,6670,6630 & above, the files cannot be send easily. You have to use a program called ProfiExplorer in order to send protected files.
In Malaysia the selling price for Nokia 6630 Zitron version is RM2280.

Challenge by dmitri on February 19, 5:08

i heard that there will be a newer version of the Nokia 6630, had anyone heard of it?

Challenge by on February 19, 7:20

I hope the new version of 6630 will have 262k screen. a clear video. at least 30fps video player, a protective slide for the camera lens, an integrated camera flash, and that it can support 1 gig memory card

Challenge by on February 19, 7:32

maybe what you want is Nokia 6680, but i still prefer 6630 for its design

Challenge by on February 20, 16:08

yup, i prefer the design of 6630 as 6680s menu keys on the sides are too close to the main keys, you can easily press them, there should be some distance

Challenge by G H Denison on February 20, 18:31

For Insider

Thank you very much for the advice! I downloaded Profi-Explorer and Profi-Mail from, and its completely solved my problem! Thanks again!

Challenge by G H Denison on February 20, 18:31

For Insider

Thank you very much for the advice! I downloaded Profi-Explorer and Profi-Mail from, and its completely solved my problem! Thanks again!

Challenge by G H Denison on February 20, 18:31

For Insider

Thank you very much for the advice! I downloaded Profi-Explorer and Profi-Mail from, and its completely solved my problem! Thanks again!

Challenge by rickyboy on February 23, 16:40

hi all

is there anyway of putting my mucic from my pc on to my 6630??
just got the phone and loving it best nokia ive had in a long time!!!

Challenge by GH Denison on February 24, 20:24

You have many options regarding putting music on your phone from your PC. You can:

1.) Use the USB data cable that the phone usually comes with

2.) Put the MMC into a card reader, if you have one

3.) Buy a USB bluetooth adaptop, and send it through that.

Hope this helps.

Challenge by ted on February 25, 4:24

I bought my Nokia 6630 from Japan.
I want to use it in my own country, is there a way to unlock please help me?


Challenge by mars on February 28, 13:13

Bought my 6630 and it's the best phone i've ever had.......

Is it possibe to have a wall paper that fits the whole screen with the writing in the wall paper........and get rid of the operator logo and clock from the top????

Challenge by jake madrid on March 01, 5:39

I bought my Nokia 6630 from Japan.
I want to use it in my own country(philippines), is there a way to unlock please help me too?


Challenge by TimC on March 02, 14:37

Great Article.

Re the "Installation security error. Unable to install" problem. Check that the date is set correctly (even if certificate check is turned off).

Challenge by chris on March 02, 21:51


i've bought my 6630 2 days ago and only can say....
you've damn right man....
best phone ever


Challenge by Chris on March 03, 11:52

I seem to be the only one who likes the 6630 form its "sold" features but has major mega problems.
The first I had died after 2 weeks. It ran into an endless loop while starting/booting and didi not reach the point when to type in your 4 digit PIN. All classic helps did not work. So T-mobile send me a new one.
This I have now for one week. This morning it did not log into the air. I could not phone. Calling the cell phone directed me to my mailbox. Now 2 hours later the mistakes devloped. My 6630 is no in a 3-minute-loop. It shuts down, restarts with the NOKIA screen, starts, without PIN, shows my provider T-Mobile, I cannot telefone and 3 minutes later same routine.

Help me: I have V3.45.11, 08-12-04, RM1
The phone contains 1200 adresses, some pictures, no games, no videos, no stored sms or mms?

I think to try an upgrade in a store or change it again or take a different cell phone from .... whom??

Challenge by pooja on March 04, 8:28

plz send the model to my mail

Challenge by Chris on March 04, 16:42

I found the solution.
I did not get it from T-Mobile nor Nokia or the store Nokia told me.
I got it from a Nokia store.
The answer is:
The T-Mobile software V3.45.11, 08-12-04-RM1, which is the same number as the unbranded version, has errors especially when logging into UMTS net. It gets into loops.
Now I have the new unbranded software V3.45.113, 04-01-05,RM-1
and now it works!!


Challenge by Graeme on March 05, 20:32

The infinite booting problem is due to the t9
dictionary being corrupt. Take the sim card out
of the phone, and use it in offline mode. You
can then delete the offending file:


you might need a special program to delete this
file - FExplorer does it. The built in file
manager does not.

Hope this helps


Challenge by dio beduino on March 05, 21:28

this phone is the best but for Agile Messenger i have to download the version for 6600 or N-GAGE???? isuppose the version for 6600

Challenge by Emerson on March 06, 8:56

Hi, how long does the battery last for 6630? My friend told me his last only 1.5 days wheras his 7610 last 3 days with the same usage. The description seems to indicate that its battery last long.

Challenge by rickyboy on March 08, 2:21

cheers GH Denison sorted me right outgot the songs from my pc on my ohone now :o)

is there any way of putting videos from pc on to the phone??


Challenge by owen murphy on March 08, 17:00

hi seller.
I am intrested in your item, so i need to know what is going to cost me and the amount of the item includin the shipent to my conpany in nigeria, so you need to get back to me, to know your intrest in this and the money will be paid by the wetern union money order if you are intrested in this send me the amount of everything and your contact address immidiatetly and the immidiatetly i make the payment the money will be brought to you by western union money order 4-7 dats to your contact address.THANKS...........

Challenge by ellassar on March 08, 19:27

hi guys.. all u say here is some bla..bla..blaa.. but nobody is telling that where can that f.cking "said to be new" and "rocking on the roll!!!" firmware of "3.45.113 is dated on 04-01-05"

pls tell the people that where is that updated firmware.. no more words appreciated.. pls only tell the location at www.. if it is true..

Challenge by ellassar on March 08, 19:28

hi guys.. all u say here is some bla..bla..blaa.. but nobody is telling that where can that f.cking "said to be new" and "rocking on the roll!!!" firmware of "3.45.113 is dated on 04-01-05"

pls tell the people that where is that updated firmware.. no more words appreciated.. pls only tell the location at www.. if it is true..

Challenge by Alex on March 08, 20:53

I try to install the repligo viewer on my 6630 but get the error message: "Security error at installation. Cannot install". Anyone got thsi problem? Any ideas?



Challenge by nicholas edward on March 09, 16:22

i am in terested in buying your nokia 6260.please,mail me back

Challenge by Chris on March 09, 16:58

to Ellassar.

I think you only get the new software in a Nokia store. They will flash it for free. At least here in Germany.

They told me that out of 26 they flashed with the new 3.45.113 / 04-01-05 six telefones died!!! The ones that died were T-mobile or Vodaphone branded mobiles and they flshed unbranded software onto them.


Challenge by ellassar on March 09, 23:07

to CRS..

thanx for ur kind interest for me.. duly time i am still looking for the advantages and disadvantages between firmwares and still dont have any fixed idea yet?! but i had the information that, it is only possible at authorized dealer unfortunately.. damn it!! i could do it with my ex-sx1 easly in 15 mins..!!! why there is no any 3g phones for siemens at the market still!!.. anyway.. u guys doing some good job here.. i was knowing about my "said perfect 6630" b4.. but i got a lot since i read from such like forums on the web.. keep going on.. have a peacefull day and world.. grates..


Challenge by Chris on March 10, 16:02

My 6630 works fine now...

Challenge by ellassar on March 12, 4:11

hi all u again.. i wonder if ur 6630 also crash re-starts by itself sometimes?! aspecially when it is trying to find a network?! and one more.. did anyone hear about this agila messenger v3.o... did they lissening my account?! or not.. how much it is safe to write my e-mail account's details to someone other than msn?! (my email and its password!!!) someone may do what ever he wants after get that info?! can't they do???.. pıfff.. still i am using agile, and it is perfect tool!! and i dont share the nasa's or cia's top secret mails in my hotmail but it fells unconfortable sometimes... by the way..i've bought my new 512 mb mmc card, but it is not working in 6630 but it is in 6600!!! i ll brake the head of my official nokia dealer, why he didnt inform me!!! c u soon..

Challenge by melissa on March 13, 1:34

i want to send files from my mac (OS9) to my new nokia 6630. is there any driver which will make my mac see my 6630 via the supplied USB cable??

Challenge by moshi_mushroom on March 14, 9:17

From most forums, the consensus seems to be that the latest firmware version for Nokia 6630 is 3.54.113. Mine is 3.54.110. Does anyone care to point out any differences between them? Also, there are msgs that state that v 4.0 and 5.0 etc are out. Seems like additional language support packs were included. Any comments?

Challenge by MB on March 16, 5:00

I'd like to know how much in japan thru vodafone
pls. advs. c")

Challenge by mb on March 16, 5:02

I'd like to know how much in japan thru vodafone
pls. advs. c")

Challenge by Benjamin on March 16, 13:05

I got my own Nokia 6630 too. I love this phone. Just one thing to ask. This program Clicker is for MAC. Is there some similar program tht will do the sam thing on regular PC with MS Windows XP Pro??? Please let me know.

Challenge by moshi_mushroom on March 16, 15:17

With the appearances of 6680, 6681 and 6682 (US), has it diminished the value of 6630 or has it brought out the class in 6630?

Challenge by emerson on March 18, 5:52

I think 6630 will become cheaper with the release of 6680-82 coz there's a better alternative with 262k color, protective slide for camera and with integrated flash.

Challenge by moshi_mushroom on March 18, 17:47

Well, that may be true but even without 6680's appearance, 6630's price has already dropped quite a bit and at the rate they are going, its value may be degraded further. Somehow, I also feel that 6630 is better than 6680 design-wise. 6680 does indeed have almost everything one could ask for in a smartphone, but at 133 grams, and with the front VGA camera, it kind of feels more like a toy gadget for the geek. It's not the heaviest phone around, but you always kind of feel a sense of intrepidity with it in your pocket as the VGA lens may go on you anytime. Plus, one could be overwhelmed by the numerous functions, so non-techies may have to steer clear of it.

Challenge by emerson on March 19, 17:28

What I dont like about 6680 is that the keys on the side for PDA is very close to the numeric keys, unlike 6630 where there is a distance.

Challenge by emerson on March 19, 17:31

Also they put a protective cover for the back camera of 6680 but no protective cover for the front camera, not consistent

Challenge by Salvatore on March 19, 18:15

Could you post me, at my email address the last firmware of 6630?
In any case is there anybody that knows an URL where to download the new 6630 firmware version?

For any suggestion or help you don't hesitate to contact me by mail.

Challenge by redha on March 20, 23:19

nice phone nice phone nice phone nice phone nice phone nice phone nice phone nice phone nice phone nice phone

Challenge by Peter on March 23, 13:44

I've got repligo on my phone [6630 ofcourse..] - I downloaded the trial of the PC repligo mobilizer. Useless, trial printed through and blocks blackened out.. Surely you didn't fork out the $495.00 USD they want for it? Do you have another cheaper solution - possibly for the mac [which I'd find more useful]?

Challenge by Peter on March 23, 14:04

ignore me.. found the cheaper option. :)

Challenge by jacobite on March 24, 18:31

Hello ,
It is my pleasure to have your company as one of the petronise I will like if you will assure me of geniune transaction, I promise to do business with your company. But there is one thing I need from you, I need all nessesry information about what you deals on or about your product. Because I will be coming very soon to buy some goods from your company. you can call on 00228-930-87-44 for more details.


Challenge by John on March 30, 16:42

I thought people might like to know about a snes emulator that will work the above phone!


Have fun!

Challenge by melissa on March 30, 21:55

Dear Seller's
I would like to purchase nokia phone in your shop ,and i have to through the price cost and shipping cost,But i would like me and you to talk more better,about the shipping cost,

Challenge by IFCare15 on March 31, 3:08

The 6630 is nice but i rather wait for the 6680.

Challenge by Pat Kal on March 31, 3:32

I am considering to upgrade from my oldie and goodie 6600 to the new 6630. But, still wondering how to move all my phone book from the 6600 to the 6630??? Your comment on my upgrade is highly appreciated.

Challenge by MattH on March 31, 5:17

What are the bid advantages of the 6630 over the 6670 apart from higher pixel camera and slightly bigger memory? Can it access PC if you have a wireless network or do you have to use bluetooth or usb?

Challenge by John on March 31, 11:01

If people what a program that works like clicker but on the PC, go grab this...

Someone wanted to be able to back up their contacts from phone to phone... try this...¤cy=O2&platformId=4&productType=2&catalog=0&sectionId=0&productId=157905

(You of course have to copy the whole link) It's well worth cash. It's a shame that nokia didn't think of this.

Challenge by Donny on April 02, 9:05

Does any Mac OS X users have a working GPRS/EDGE solution setup for the Nokia 6630?? I've done so many google searches; salling, HoFo, 3G Forums all come up without
a working solution, just a select few that say their 6620 works - which has got mRouter; the N6630 doesn't its got OS 8 not the OS 7 that the 6620 has.

Me I'm gonna purchase the 6630 - Macro picture lens that the 6680-82 models dont have; & I prefer the design. I'm hoping its faster in MIDP performance along with system performance & that Nokia doesnt give up on the updates!

Many people have stated they've used Ross Barkman's GPRS/EDGE modem scripts but don't list their setup; which is extremely fustrating.....reminds me & others of being the kid that doesn't have Ice Cream in Eddie Murphies Dilerious skit. Arrgh!!

Challenge by SirDavidoff on April 04, 15:23

Hi there...
I have just returned from a year travelling the globe... still holding my wonderful N3650...!! The N6630 seems like the most obvious replacement... however, as it has been around for about six months now, I wondered whether you thought this phone is still 'as worthy' as it was, when first released?
If so, great... if not, any 'newer' options...?

Challenge by emerson on April 04, 16:42

What is the advantage of 6630 compared to 6681? and how much does 6630 now cost? thanks

Challenge by MR.CHARLES CHIBUEZE on April 05, 10:15

TELEPHONE NUMBER:234-8038128818,


Challenge by emerson on April 05, 15:09

6630 has a 220 mhz processor, what's the processor speed of 3230? they seem to have the same function. Also, does anybody know what's the processor speed of 6681? thanks

Challenge by Lloyd D Budd on April 06, 9:17

Really enjoy the article ...

the HTML on this page is evil , as it seems to force a wide page ... horizontal scrolling is gross ;-)

Challenge by Laura on April 08, 17:17

(Laura from England UK) Hiya i'm a bit confused with some of the comments about video calling on the Nokia 6630 i received mine as an upgrade last week and i think its fantastic, but i have seen comments about the video messaging and calling being crap because your have to use a desktop dock to be able to make calls. Well this has confused me as i can make video calls and messages fine without the need to use a "dock". Am i special??

Challenge by imran on April 09, 2:22

got a 6630, been playing around with the functions..i am a bit disapointed as i've been waiting ages for this phone..gone give mine back and wait for the 6680.
nokia were great before now all there interested in ripping people of there cash..having to purchase a seperate docking port..what on a '3g phone' how do they get away with it..

Challenge by Mike on April 09, 6:09

The web site of Nokia didn't contain the info that only dual voltage reduced size multimedia cards can be used with said phones. Haven't been able to find additional suitable MMCs for said phone. The startup time for said phone is slower than that of other phones.

Challenge by mamtu on April 09, 15:08

i have a 6630 can i use my cdma connection as well as use a sim card of my local service provider together....would they both work together at the same time

Challenge by olawole on April 11, 12:14

i love this product how can get it for my customer they realy demand fro it i base in usa pls tell me hoe to get it for them pls

Challenge by on April 11, 16:08

6681 has the same processor speed as 6630 which is 220 Mhz

Challenge by themafia.69 on April 13, 0:35

hey i have a 3650 and was wondering how do u switch on the new symbian operating system the mailbox from phone memory to the memory card cuz i wanna get the 6680 but dont want it to have the mail on the phone memory, on my 3650 u go to options settings other and then memory and voila but on the 6260 and the 3230 there isnt the option:s

Challenge by rehman on April 14, 11:54

hi can u tell me what price is NOKIA 6630 in PAKISTAN??

Challenge by Simon on April 15, 20:11

What is the video like? is it only maximum 1hour because of lack of memory?

Challenge by maximus on April 16, 18:51

hi all i have read through the intire reviews and im still wanting the nokia 6630,how ever i is a newbie to all of this techno,so could someone please tell me about the insannt messaging,ive read you can use msn messenger on this phone is that correct?? and does it cost to use it,or is it on all the time??? i know i know im a NEWBIE
and can you use your hotmail account on it as well?? and can you put mp3 from your computer on to the phone??? there are so many questions i have,but i will start off with thesse few and i will watch this space for replys
cheers guys and girls

Challenge by Raja on April 17, 0:50

I bought my 6630 while on holiday in Malaysia. I live in the Netherlands. The PRINT KODAK option in the phone only lists Asia-Pacific countries. I am wondering if anyone knows how to change the list of countries available to include The Netherlands?

The Netherlands

Challenge by will on April 18, 9:37


anyone know how long the voice record /memo is o the phonw - ie duration.
if theres a 1hr video , is the voice record only, somehtinglike 2 hours?


Challenge by will on April 18, 9:39


does it record calls?


Challenge by tresneb on April 18, 11:47

I am thinking about buying the 6630, (vodaphone 3g UMTS offer) but I think the standard vodaphone menu is terrible. Does anybody have a clue how to get rid of this.. pls email me..

Challenge by javiergaro on April 19, 15:26

Since I put into the phone the new SIM UMTS an estrange operator logo name "MÜYK6 ÑOr" appeared and I can not remove. I have tried some methods but it is impossible. My company is "Movistar" in Spain. I thought updating the firmware version would help with it but it did not solve the problem.

Does anybody know how to change the operator logo? (I tried with deleting the file located in c:\system\phone\oplogo, and also putting a new file instead of, etc). Nothing work to remove this ugly name.

Please, help. Thanks

Challenge by NiMMo on April 19, 22:32

Can i use my nokia 6600 memory card in the nokia 6630 and if not is there anyway a can tranfer them to it?

Challenge by Bahadir on April 22, 11:22

I know that 6630 uses dual voltage RS MMCs, is it possible to use standart RS MMCs?

Challenge by hp latte on April 27, 9:14

the updated version or new 3G phone from Nokia is the 6680 with 2 cameras, one in front for videocalls and the other one at the back like most of the camera phones by Nokia.. In singapore, they will stop the distribution of 6630 soon as this will be replaced by the new 6680, some mobile company are not selling 6630 anymore.. you should try visiting the Nokia website for upcoming models. They always introduce new handphone models here, quite fast though. It's like you just got your hand on that new phone and after 3 weeks a new model is being introduced.

Challenge by kiranthestar on April 27, 12:02

i am using nokia 6630 frimware version 3.45.113 RM-1 my problem when i edit themes the colour platette does not change from its default colour please help to overcome this

Challenge by Spyder on April 28, 12:29

GUYS!! Please help me out, I wanted to buy a Nokia 6630 so I first searched for reviews on the model, and now I'm not sure what to get... people complain alot about the Nokia 6630 (that it crashes, has a weak signal and so forth). I'm really not sure what to get, I am now thinking of going and buying a Nokia 7610 (it has great reviews everywhere). What do you guys suggest I do? go for the new 6630 or get the 7610???? Please reply. Thanks!

Challenge by w wiggins on April 29, 1:20

6630 still does not work in Tiger.

Challenge by Nadir on April 30, 7:21

hi guys,
i have a nokia 6600 with the firm ware v 4.09.01 released 26.02.04, and i am unable to use bluetooth to sen dpics from my phone to my t 41 laptop.the phone detects the laptop but is unable to connect. i was able to do this before but now it is not connecting. is this a general proble with this firmware? i was able to send pics to another bluetooth enabled phone so does that mean its a bug in my laptop?

Challenge by madem türksün/göster ürksün on May 04, 9:37

selam arkadaşlar........
6630 sim lock programına ihtiyacım var.
yardımcı olursanız sevinirim.

Challenge by nadim on May 06, 14:06

I also have a 6630 and am quite happy with it. However, is it possible to surf the net using bluetooth (by connecting with a PC, or bluetooth gateway?)



Challenge by nasser on May 08, 6:45


Challenge by Parag on May 10, 12:22

Hello everyone. I just recently bought a new Nokia 6630 which is a grey import and so its without any warranty. and now i have some questions. i would really appreaciate if someone who knows all about this phone would answer my questions and help me out.

well to begin with... 1) whenever i take any picture it shows a lot of white spots when the light is little ok. but when i see the same picture which is saved in the gallery, it look perfectly fine. only the screen shot looks bad. and specially at night time it look very bad with many white dots on it. but the one in the gallery where it is saved, it looks clear. now this thing is really annoying me, because this problem is not there in any other previous models like 7610 or even 6600. then why is it only in this newer model? is the cam inferior to the older models also in that way?

2) and my other problem is that my firmware version is v 2.39.152 dated 03-12-04, RM-1. so when i went to the authorised service center of Nokia, I was told that since it is a grey import and without any warranty, you will be charged for the firmware update and also if the phone gets dead while updating, which usually never happens, Nokia is not responsible for it and I will not get any replacement. so its on my risk only. so what should I do? should i get it updated or not? mine is an unbranded software. i.e. original nokia software. so what should I do guy, should i get it updated and if yes, is there any risk in getting it updatted, like it getting dead or anything like that?

3) and my last question, some service person told me that the cam problem i mentioned in my first question, the screen shot of pictures taken not clear but the ones saved in the gallery being clear, cannot be solved as of now because even firmware update v 3.45.113 will not clear that problem. so i should wait for the latest firmware update when it gets realeased in near future. it will solve the problem most probably. but i also read somewhere that the newest firmwares also work with the phones realeased recently. since i am having v 2.39.152, will the new firmware version which will be realeased after v 3.45.113 work with my phone? should i wait for the latest firmware or should i get the one available now? and will any update solve the cam problem i mentioned earlier?

Please try to help me as soon as possible. your help will be really appreaciated. thanks a lot.

Challenge by Jim on May 10, 20:10

Way I use the 6630 to connect my iPaq to the internet is to set the bluetooth connection on the iPaq to use Bluetooth Dialup Modem, then use the phone number *99#

You also need to enable the packet data connections (tools - connection settings - packet data) to be when needed along with your access point, and Bob's your uncle, 3G speeds with my iPaq whilst on the move. Not sure why I need this though yet, since I can't drive and surf simultaneously. Perhaps for the traffic function of the navigation software!

Challenge by frank nicolas on May 11, 14:29

i will like to place my order for the following product

cell phones
10 quantity,
please calculate the shipping cost to Nigeria and the total cost of
these products for me to arange for the payment and i will be paying
via credit card, Regards emmanuel olorunsuyi

Challenge by SmarphoneGuy on May 12, 23:03

If you can't use it with both hands, it's not a smartphone? This is YOUR opinion.

In my opinion, a smartphone is both a phone and a PDA. And I WANT stylus input, because with the stylus (and the helpful FITALY on-screen optimized keyboard software) I can enter text very quickly.

In my opinion, stylus input is what transforms a device from a "play" device into a serious device I can use for serious purposes, such as writing documents, etc.

I'm a HP iPAQ 6340 user, and I'm very happy with it.

Challenge by Sara on May 13, 8:47

I got my 6630 a few weeks ago and had to wait a few days for the bluetooth qwerty keyboard to go with it - but together they are awesome! After a few upgrades of the programs that come preinstalled I can read, edit and write Word documents, read e-mailed pdf files (the Acrobat Reader for Symbian works fine with the 6630 even though it's not supposed to) - it actually all _works_ and when I don't need the keyboard I just fold it away and have a one-handed phone that doesn't take up much space or weigh a lot! Great!

Challenge by on May 13, 10:45


Challenge by jane on May 13, 11:26

You asked:
"i would like to make an urgent purchase of your Nokia 7610 for my husband whom is job got send him to africa and he needs to keep in touch with me and the rest of the family so i would like make the purchase as soon as possible and i will be paying you by bidpay can you have it shipped tomorrow as soon bidpay confirms the payment to you ,pls kindly send the final asking price, on your response. . you will need to give me the shipping cost via usps global express as soon as you reply my mail.if this will work for you, Kindly get back to me as soon as possible. thanks

Challenge by stephen michael on May 14, 0:55

Dear sir/mandam,
i am now to know more

Challenge by aragorn on May 14, 6:55

to smartphoneguy: have a nice day with your smartie, isn't it too hard to carry for u?! or do you use your briefcase anytime, in everywhere? dont u shame while u are making some call with your brick in crowded places?? i have my comp. in my home and office.. and i have my baby comp. anytime with me.. thanx 6630!!!

to jim: jim, pls DON'T ASK QUESTONS, JUST OBEY THE RULES.. isn't it enough for u to surf with a great speed of 6630?! so just enjoy it..

to nasser: 1) try to take your pics with vga mode.. so u can watch them in good order at 6630' screen, too. but i advice u to use high quality mode everytime. enjoy your pics with comp. - tv - or print out options?! 2) if u dont monkey with its theme or dont worry about some simple things, leave it alone with its original software.. but u may upgrade it still u want.. i think no any risk to upgrade..the shop man must say those words everytime to everybody.. it is his job!! but best way must be to buy a registered hardway it seams.. 3) i advise u to take a pic, save it , and than watch it!! this is the simple way sure.. and dont wait the newest firmware, just upgrade it now.. it will work forsure, any firmware for 6630 will work everytime (except if u are using a regitered phone for some specific network operators). nobody knows when it will released?! do u? or does the service man?? do it now, is only the one i can say.. happy days, and peace..

to nadim: where ar u living nadim??? i can surf on internet via bluetooth since many years and before bluetooth many many years ago, too!!!

to madem türksün/göster ürksün: walla bende yok birader.. bulabilirsim haber ederim.. ama yakında çıkr heryerde, malum symbean 8 olduğu için bu alette daha yayılmadı piyasaya herşeyi.. oyun, program bulmakta bile zorlanıyorum ben.. hala fsc cracki yok astalavistada yahu!!.. göstermeye..pardon, sormaya aramaya devm et sen daha.. ürkütmeden usulca sor ama..

to nadir: get out of here!!! go.. go... go....!!! we are talking here about 6630!!

Challenge by Matt on May 14, 14:27

Help Me Test This 6630 Bug

I would like all you 6630 owners with bluetooth headsets to try the following and report your findings to me:
1. Set up a voice tag for one of your saved contacts.
2. Pair the 6630 with the Bluetooth headset.
3. Try using the bluetooth headset to dial the contact using the voice tag.
My experience with 6630 voice tag dialling using a bluetooth headset is not a happy one. It seems to work ok at first, then it will stop working. It will continue to not work until I press the number keys on the phone several times which will allow me to use the headset voice tag dialling function for one or two calls. It will then stop working again. Pressing the keypad to fix the problem will only work if the keypad tones are switched on. Any feedback appreciated.

Challenge by cookie boy on May 16, 9:35

can anyone please help me... i have a new nokia 6680 and i noticed that it often hangs and when it does it automatically deletes my messages... any infos regarding this will surely be appreciated... help!

Challenge by dewy on May 17, 10:59

cookie boy, that's not because of your phone, it's caused by the memory card. i had the same problem before and had my memory card replaced. after that, it didn't happen again. good luck :)

Challenge by on May 17, 17:57

come on you guys.............what about voice dialling when using bluetooth headset. I have had this phone since november and have been trying to get a solution from Nokia and T-Mobile since December. Post your findings and firmware versions on this forum.


Challenge by Dr.john clifford on May 18, 2:14


Challenge by Smith James on May 21, 4:22

Dear Sir/Madam,
We find your website and your products very interesting.So we are interested in buying 50 pieces Nokia 6330 ,i want you to tell me the total price of this product with the shipping cost.Meanwhile,payment will be made by cheque method of payment and you shall confirm the cheque before shippment of the goods.

Challenge by rau; on May 25, 3:34

the 6630 is BULKY and a real pain in the as. avoid at all cost

Challenge by ben mark on May 25, 8:55

Dear Sir/Madam,
i was search for phoen when i find your website and your products very interesting and am very interested to place an order of phone and i need Nokia 6330 also i want 10 pieces of them and i want to know what mothod of payment do u accpet also do u ship intl?plz let me knwo thank u

Challenge by on May 26, 12:07

altho 6680 and 6681 have the same processor as 6630, 6630 is much faster in almost all aspect of performance.

Challenge by Rukshana on May 27, 0:25


I wonder if anyone else have had the same problem with the nokia 6630. I bought mine two days ago but it keps freezing in the middle of applications ie texting and phone call. no keys work and i can't even switch it off. after about 12 hours it switches itself off and i have to charge it again in order to turn it on. I got a replacement but what shall i do if it happens again.


Challenge by akshaya on May 29, 8:51

i'm having problem with my nokia 6230, i could not load any application[software] nor any game..its showing me' file format not supported '.can any 1 rectify my problem it will be of my gr8 help..thanks..

Challenge by longshats on May 31, 12:11

sir i have problem with GAllery it does not open after i took picture or shot photo and it reacheds 85 pics.. suddenly I can not open GAllery... HELP.. HELP...

I really love and enjoyed 6630 but Never expected to have this PROBLEM..

Challenge by sina on June 02, 18:29

pleas send us price_list handset mobil nokia all.

Challenge by andalusian on June 05, 5:20

Mine keeps freezing too !

Nokia 6630. The only thing that does work at this point is the turn-off cellphone feature.

Challenge by mart on June 05, 19:09

I have had me 6630 for three days and its great. This phone may not hav da style of da fidly 7610 but it beats it on performance! The camera is tons better than any other smartphone i hav seen. Can anyone tell me how to add my own screensaver?

Challenge by MD on June 06, 10:21

i am thinking of buying N6630 and i am so thankful that i read this site. solidus maximus is very informative. but i really really would like to buy that damn phone and i wanna ask solidus maximus, after all the draw backs of the unit is it still worth all that hard earnd cash?? ill wait for your reply before i buy. thank you

Challenge by Hazem Mahmoud on June 08, 11:06


Challenge by BILLY on June 10, 13:44

I have been told that the 6630 has the ability to be used as a handheld GPS, is this correct and if so , do you have to add software to it ? thanks.

Challenge by MD..ü on June 11, 3:02

im also from the philippines and i use a N2300 since last year. i bought it in the mall thinking that since i bought it there, i would have less chance of being given a faulty phone. but after a week the phone keeps on restarting itself while using the regular applications. and i was dissapointed with what andalusian said about the N6630 he said, "Mine keeps freezing too !Nokia 6630. The only thing that does work at this point is the turn-off cellphone feature." now im being hesitant to buy that darn thing.. help.ü has anyone have any suggestion on what verson i cud get or where should i get it and how much does it cost now? ill wait for the reply. thanks

Challenge by BOb Joel Kyazze on June 12, 17:51

Dear Sir ,
We are ajoint company formed by europeans and americans in East Africa , So,
i would like to introduce our company dealing in Electronics like computor products and mobile phones , LTVs and many others.
However our head office in uganda in east africa wide ,
So we have visited your web site and according to the products in your store am much intrested in NOKIA ,SONY ERICCSON , & SUMSANG PHONES if they are available in your stock,
If you will be ready for shipping CIF entebbe international air port after recieving the payments please we can then talk business ,
The shipment should be by DHL or EMS couriers,,
Please let me know if you will be in position.
Hope to hear from you very soon.
Bob Joel
Stocking / Managing Director
Mac Bellon Electro Enterprises
PHONE ; 256 41 341 441
FAX ; 256 41 235763

Challenge by victor on June 13, 16:19




Challenge by enoch ampene on June 20, 16:25

thank you i want you to help me to ship it to ghana please and i will get it save!

Challenge by Mubasher latif on June 23, 7:27

i have 6630 vodafone.i forget lock code please help
me how i open this code please immditely replay and
in my country .use country sim but no work. pls help
me if any code apply how i remove plsssss help.