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October 24, 15:26 | Comments (1)

iBook display hacking

I'm running 1920x1440 on my 22" CRT and 1024x768 on the 12.1" TFT. I'm dragging windows back and forth between the screens (the small one is dominated by music and messengers). It's all happening from my Apple iBook. And it's indescribably cool.

It's all thanks to seven magical commands that some God of a hacker have discovered, which removes the limitation Apple put in place to prevent this.

They didn't want to make the iBook too good a deal, so you could only run a fixed 1024x768 on any external display. And it was just a mirror of the TFT.

And I understand why. The iBook really is too good a deal now. I don't think I'll be needing a desktop Mac after this. But almost equally important, I don't think I'll be needing my desktop PC much either.


October 24, 13:15 | Comments (8)


Copenhagen got it's own metro a few days ago. It's the first wee steps with only eleven stops spanning two lines so far. And it's more than two years late and hideously over budget. So it's no wonder that it's not to everybody's liking.

It is to mine, though. I like the look of the stations. I like the fact that Amager is becoming more easily accessible. I like the ride. I even think the Metro commercials aren't half bad.

Now if only they could speed up the extension that'll connect my part of town (Nørrebro) with downtown, I'd be liking it even more. 2007. Argh. I'll be holding Master's degree by then. Bah.

October 19, 20:34 | Comments (8)

73rd mirror

Looking for that one interesting shot of the day is usually more chance than purpose. At least for me. You set out to capture one thing and discovers another, more captivating, in the process. So came about the creation of this photograph as well.

I rather like it, although the mirroring isn't perfect (the forest is too small in the mirror etc.) and it could have been even better if I had caught a car passing as well.

October 17, 12:45 | Comments (14)

On the note of lazy marketing

The marketing hacks working the Microsoft case aren't the only ones being too lazy to actually find believable users to push their products. Overuse of glamorous models having fun in stock photos is everywhere, and rarely do they have anything relation with the product they're (probably not) getting royalties "enjoy" (in the abstract sense of a happy smile).

I just received a pamphlet from TDC (the largest Danish telco) on WebSpeed. Their cable modem product. Of course, it puzzles me why I'd get something like that in the first place when I have a glaring NO ADVERTISEMENTS right below my letter slot, but I digress.

It features a black lady on the cover eating a string of pasta. That reference to "broad band" is the closet thing any of the pictures have to do with the product. The rest of the six pictures are nothing but pretty people in various "fun" situations the cause them happiness.

It's a disgrace. This is not marketing. This is someone being overpaid for a job not compatible with their genes.

October 15, 3:30 | Comments (5)

Two more years and I'm officially old

But between then and now I'll settle for being 23 (+1 in '03). After then, Over The Hill (30+) will be approaching fast. Yoinks.

October 15, 3:18 | Comments (15)

It takes more than envy

The Microsoft marketing people likes the Apple Switch campaign. So much they've sought to mimic it (in reverse, of course). Ironically, they didn't care enough about the real users of Windows XP to actually find one to say they liked it better than a Mac. Instead, they prepped a random model photo with some stock lyrics on "demanding the best in mobile computing".

The text is so inclusive, it's embarrassing. The "must trump all crusades in each chant" spread is so thick you can taste it. Office XP Is The King Suite. Netscape Bows To All-Mighty The Explorer. Yawn!

People care about people. Not about puppets dancing in obvious and predictable patterns. We want the stoned, the euforic, the scary, and the cool.

Yet another nilch on the Microsoft score card.

October 11, 17:31 | Comments (3)

Gearing down on gadgets

I have way too many gadgets and pieces of electronics that I'm not using. Now they're all for sale. I'm not interested in dealing with international shipments, so the page is in Danish and directed at Danes.

Gadget sale: Sony Vaio SR21k, Sega Dreamcast, Game Boy Advance, Palm V, Sharp minidisc, Sony microphone, Ti-83 calculator.

October 09, 18:12 | Comments (4)

Late to the analog party?

On October 22nd, DAGEN will be the first new national Danish newspaper to leave the presses since WW2, and, according to Malthe, it will also be a terrible mess of typefaces, spacing, and commitee design.

On the decision to only feature a single full page ad per issue, Malthe predicts certain failure (and I concur):

Read my lips: It. Wont. Work. It remind me of the newly opened independent movie theater here in Copenhagen, that used to brag about them not having any commercials before the shows. And lo and behold, what do they have now? Yeah, guessed it. And you, Dagen, will too have more than one ad per spread. I’ll give you till January next year to figure that out for yourselves.

DAGEN is pitched as a high class passtime for 600k+ earners. Whether they'll care enough to break with their current brand or switch back from the screen to dead trees will be interesting to watch.

At any rate, they'll have to pony up a 4.138 kr. premium for 300 days of DAGEN. Tempted? Sample their PDF trial run.

October 07, 14:27 | Comments (10)

Honesty good, inspirational better

Personal honesty is one way to develop a closer relationship between teacher and students. It works by bridging the gap between the two parties as it reveals to the former the similarities they have with the latter. My operating systems teacher is all about personal honesty.

He has shared what a rotten pot-smooking student he was in high school, how he initially flunked the very course he's teaching, and the exact level of loathe he assigns to everything Microsoft.

For the first lecture or two, it was a breath of fresh mentality. But fresh quickly turned stale. The key to any teaching technique is to keep it as one of many. Only to be used when applicable.

Releaving the tension of the first lecture is an example of applicability. Ending class half an hour early, three lectures in a row, with the reason of boredom, is not.

The praises for personal honesty is easily surpassed by the zest for inspirational engagement. It's time to get pre-emptive on the sharing thread, Henrik, and swap in some passion for your subject.

October 06, 17:55 | Comments (11)

One girl, three days, twenty-one snaps

(Yes, it's that girl, and yes, I'm crazy about her...)

October 02, 1:11 | Comments (9)

Aren't they cute?

The instant messenger has come butler of yester-century. They'll inform interested parties when their master is away. Today, I even caught mine chatting on my behalf with a like-minded fellow belonging to a friend:

Detron: <snip> Auto-response sent to Detron: I am currently away from the computer. Detron: I am away from the computer

Adorable :)

October 01, 18:48 | Comments (2)

It's the knowledge, stupid! is being hit by a Google query on "caput+thomas madsen-mygdal". Mygdahl soundly theorizes that saying "nicely put" to my Caput Crumbles piece must have caused a stir with someone. To those who went looking, he offers a this highly reasonating piece of advice:

[T]he most important thing all of us can take from the last years are what we've learned. Not what the market, journalists, economy, etc. did wrong, but what we would have done differently with the power of the hindsight and knowledge that we've got today.

Stop looking out, start looking in.