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March 31, 13:21 | Comments (12)

Instiki: There's no step three!

Admitted, it's Yet Another Wiki Clone, but with a strong focus on simplicity of installation and running:

  1. Download
  2. Run "instiki.rb 2505"
  3. Chuckle... "There's no step three!" (TM)

You're now running a perfectly suitable wiki on port 2505 that'll present you with a textarea for the home page on entering. No web-server or database to configure. All you need is Ruby 1.8.x.


March 30, 18:52 | Comments (17)

Active Record vs Data Mapper in Rails

Florian writes after reading about how the Active Record implementation in Rails works:

i dont see how active record is not marrying your bussiness objects with the orm solution. quite frankly i think its even worse with active record, because you marry each indidual business object to active record, since each one inherits from ActiveRecord::Base.

Perhaps I wasn't clear. I willingly pay the price of marrying my business objects to the ActiveRecord::Base to get a much more natural API in return. No, I can't swap persistance implementations. That's the cost.


March 27, 13:53 | Comments (16)

Besættelser, forsvarsmekanismer og Ruby [DK]

Jeg kan godt lide, hvordan du I én sætning både formår at antyde, at Ruby er en passerende fase ("seneste besættelse") samt at sproget er ligegyldigt eller i bedste fald overflødigt ("endnu et fortolket scriptsprog"). På den måde så har man da sikret sig ikke at skulle besvære sit intellekt med den byrde rent faktisk at kigge nærmere på sproget.


March 26, 21:26 | Comments (14)

Scoble wants to sell you a Canyonero!

Scoble attempts to say something, anything about the half-a-billion euro fine that the EU has smacked Microsoft with after finding them guilty of the usual crimes of anti-competitive and predatory behavior.

But as I read it, I recognize who's really talking: It's Krusty the Clown — everybody's favorite corporate shill from the Simpsons!


March 26, 19:06 | Comments (15)

De småkriminelle rulleskøjter [DK]

Jeg står ligeledes uforstående overfor det rulleskøjtefjendske Danmark. Rulleskøjter er henvist til fortorvet, men ikke nok med, at underlaget oftest er utilstrækkeligt, så er det også langt mere generende for fodgængere at have folk på rulleskøjter omkring sig. Tempoforskellen er en helt anden end på cykelstien, hvor cyklist og rulleskøjteløber er jævnbyrdige.


March 26, 1:48 | Comments (26)

Russell Beattie secretly lusts for Ruby on Rails

As a Ruby developer, the tune of all these trumpets heralding the coming of SimpleXML in PHP5 sounds a bit out of key. Gutmans and Suraki from Zend gets really carried away in the introduction to PHP 5:

PHP 5 also introduces new revolutionary ways of dealing with XML that make it the ideal platform for XML processing—no other solution comes even close!

I can forgive their overreaching enthusiasm, though, they're just really proud of their creation. It's somewhat harder to forgive "Java heads" like Russell Beattie getting all giddy about PHP 5 because of the introduction of SimpleXML and XPath.


March 24, 18:28 | Comments (12)

Rails is making the rounds

Since trackbacks hasn't yet been enabled on Loud Thinking, I thought I'd do some manual recognition of the latest round of link-love for Rails, Ruby, and Basecamp.


March 24, 17:51 | Comments (9)

Margrete Auken's weblog goes online

The bachelor's project on Social Software is moving forward at full speed. We've just launched the public part of the project with Margrete Auken's EU weblog. Margrete is a member of parlement for Socialistisk Folkeparti (left-wing party) and running for a spot in the EU parlement (read more about her in Danish on Wikipedia). The election date is on June 13th.

Margrete is a perfect match for blogging. She's exceedingly direct, very personal in her expression, and full of arguments to support her position on a breath-taking array of issues. So it's both an academic and personal joy to read her daily writings.

Naturally, her writing is all in Danish, so it's probably of limited interest unless that's within your capabilities.

Long-term reader awards goes to anyone who can trace the design of Margrete's weblog.

March 23, 23:26 | Comments (12)

The Building of Basecamp

The story behind Basecamp touches on everything from design to programming, from collaboration to experimentation, from blurred borders of competencies to friendship in business. There's a lot of lessons to be extracted and inspiration to be harvested from examining the whole process. Would you like to?

Jason is pitching the idea of a full-day session called "The Building of Basecamp" that would do exactly this. So if Chicago in July sounds like a place you'd like to be to hear that story and be part of extracting and examining of the lessons, please do drop a note in the comments on Signal vs Noise.

I'll be flying in from Copenhagen if we can gather sufficient traction for the idea.

March 22, 20:07 | Comments (13)

MVC: In layman's terms

MVC is a pattern for separating the three basic concerns of a web application into isolated tiers, which can be constructed, tweaked, and tested apart from the others. MVC is short for Model, View, Control.


March 21, 19:56 | Comments (17)

Ruby on Rails to Basecamp

UPDATE: Ruby on Rails has been released!

I gave a presentation to Madsen-Mygdal, Guan, and Husager today over brunch on that upcoming Ruby web-framework I've been developing in conjunction Basecamp.

It's probably a somewhat different experience just watching the slides without my 4-hour oral presentation accompanying it, but it'll have to do. Hopefully it won't be too long before I'm ready to announce a beta version of the thing.

March 21, 18:45 | Comments (4)

Getting started with Ruby

What Ruby lacks more than anything is good starting points for getting into the language. There's a bunch of absolutely excellent resources out there, though. I've attempted to summarize the best of them by category.


March 12, 17:19 | Comments (21)

A tribute to Ruby

When programmers speak of code as ugly or beautiful they reveal an appreciation of software that goes much deeper than the functionalistic appearance of their work. There are plenty of obvious and objective correlations between ugly and opaque code and defects and extendability, but the individual and psychological effects are at least equally interesting.


March 02, 21:06 | Comments (13)

What not to do while waiting on your new site

The danish branch of Domino's Pizza has always placed much more emphasis on the "experience" than the informational value of their online offering. The last version had the complete shop-metaphor-in-flash going, which was cute for about five seconds. Then the faithful translation of waiting in the real shop kicked in and you just wanted to get out.


March 01, 12:11 | Comments (13)

Inline web-viewing in NetNewsWire

I just discovered a most pleasant easter-egg/future feature/unintended consequence with NetNewsWire that turns the killer RSS reader into an inline web-browser as well. The trick is really simple and works in both combined and traditional view.