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July 27, 19:14 | Comments (1)

Zakynthos in technicolor (72!)

July 21, 17:47 | Comments (0)

Zakynthos, one week, all sun

At the ungodly hour of 4:00 tomorrow morning, I'll be checking in for a flight to Zakynthos, Greece. That's the place where the forecast is Sunny, Sunny, Sunny for the entire week and 30-something in the shade. I'll be back on the 28th.

July 16, 0:08 | Comments (12)

Why Speednames can charge 400%+ on top

Before last Thursday, I wondered how a company like Speednames could be successful selling domain names at a 400%+ mark-up. They do the two-year leases for around $85. The same commodity that goes for around $20 on Buy Domains. That was before I knew what an excruciating process it is to switch service provider.

But I learned. Oh, I learned.


July 10, 11:15 | Comments (14)

pvPlayer user interface and feature suggestions

What a pleasent surprise to have my opinions discovered by the company itself. It makes me even more comfortable recommending pvPlayer when I know the company listens its customers and checks weblogs. Great!

So now that I have your attention, pvPlayer team, I'd like to suggest a few changes to the application on the 3650. As you might have noticed, I complained about the "horrible user interface". But it's not worse than implementing the following changes could lift it to "great".


July 06, 23:53 | Comments (11)

The 'really' argument

Trying to dress up unsubstantiated claims of bias as fact is hard enough as it is. With skillful application of humor and wit, it can some times be done. Slapping on the "really" sticker has never cut it, though:

PHP already has a larger user base, partly because it really is easier to use than Python, partly because Python's use of white-space is really too clever... [emphasis mine]

I mean, coooome on. I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

July 06, 22:39 | Comments (12)

Bubble says 'bah' (or we need diagonals)

Bubble Bobble is one of those golden classics that age gracefully and remains fun more than a decade since it was concieved. I've spend uncountable hours in the company of that green dragon and his bubbles.

So the joy would take no end when the combination of Frodo the C64 emulator and made it a mobile enjoyment. Or so I thought. The joy took a very disappointing end right as I discovered that the Nokia 3650 doesn't do diagonals.


July 06, 21:28 | Comments (7)

Hydra and wifi in university lectures

Like conference workshops, university lectures used to be much about one-way, speaker-to-audience communication. Sometimes it would even be two-ways from one audience member back to the speaker. Enter wireless connections, rendezvous, and really simple collaboration.


July 01, 10:35 | Comments (15)

MMS pricing and real profit models

Mobitopia paints the telcos in a shade of ignorance on MMS pricing:

It's not based on any real profit model (i.e. "it costs x to send a message and we will then add y profit and get a result of z to charge the consumer"). These guys are just half ass guessing.

It sounds like Russell Beattie needs a brief introduction to economics and pricing. It's actually really simple, so I won't even charge tuition.